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Elizabeth Proctor Monologue for Act 2

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´╗┐Act 2 in the eyes of Elizabeth Proctor Who am I to trust? Mary defied my orders by leaving the house and she made me a poppet which only created trouble for me; Abigail, (not that I trusted her to begin with), must have been the one to mention my name in the court, and the worst one of all, my ?darling? husband John has admitted to being alone in a room with Abigail. He knows how I feel about her and yet he goes against my feelings and orders. I have practically lost all faith in him. It?s as though I don?t even know who he is anymore. ...read more.


That plaintiff has one very large cheek, (make that two); she clearly used her looks to entrap my husband into sinning against the seventh commandment of God, and then accuses me of witchcraft. She is the one leading others into lechery, she is the sinner; not I, not my husband, her. Not only was Abigail?s act of perjury a fault in my day, but to then be questioned of my faith? Hale had arrived at my house, only to doubt my faith and want ?proof? of my fabricated indictment. Making me feel slightly better, however, is that he had previously visited Rebecca Nurse, a soul so pure and white, I know it was pure business and nothing personal being the reason of his visit. ...read more.


They found a needle in the doll and immediately associated it to the fit of that Abigail which found a needle in her abdomen. Needless to say, I was dumfounded. I had no connection between the doll and Abigail; I had not ever used the doll. I forgot I had the doll in my possession in the first place! I owe Mary my life for defending me and admitting to owning and creating the doll. My husband on the other hand, was not as composed as I, and therefore, ripped the warrant of my arrest in anger. Mary is yet to testify in court regarding her creation of the poppet. My life now lies in the hands of my servant, Mary Warren. ...read more.

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