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Ella. I still remember. It wasnt long before today. I was sitting on a filthy shelf in a massive store called TOYS R US. It wasnt me alone, there were many of my twins sitting beside me

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Ella Let's look back a month ago. I still remember. It wasn't long before today. I was sitting on a filthy shelf in a massive store called 'TOYS R US'. It wasn't me alone, there were many of my twins sitting beside me, and we all had to act like we were statues so that someone would actually adopt us. It was like a game, we used to only talk as our hands and legs were tied to the cardboard we lay on and when someone would walk past, we would freeze and be still like a painting. Suddenly, I realised I was being picked up and bought off the shelf. At last...I was delighted to have been chosen from all of the rest. I felt so loved, like someone had adopted me as a real baby. Next thing I know, I was thrown inside a big cage with a lot of other small toys and accessories, I guessed it was a trolley and I was right because the owner said 'Stop playing with the trolley, you'll knock over a shelf honey', but I didn't mind because I knew I was going to a new, proper home where I could feel comfortable with all the familiar faces. At least I wouldn't have to be gazed at by a hundred different faces everyday. ...read more.


I had no doubt that I had the most amazing mum in the whole universe. It had been a long day and I felt really exhausted. Julie understood me so well. She picked me up and patted me on the back while singing a lullaby until I fell asleep. I was overwhelmed by the end of that day, I had got to know her so well, her likes and dislikes, her favourite films and people. I loved it so much I kept pinching myself to see if I was dreaming because I had a feeling all this happiness was going to end soon. I woke up the next day, Julie introduced me to her other friends. They were the same height as me and could do similar things to me. They didn't look very happy and were not at all welcoming. She left me with them while she went to eat so that we get to know each other. This is when things seemed to change. Julie's friends scared me. They told me I wouldn't be Julie's favourite for long. They informed me that they were all once in my place but soon got replaced by someone new. They told me that I should enjoy being loved so much because it was going to end very soon. ...read more.


Just to make Polly laugh, Julie cut all my hair off, so that I looked dreadful. She stuck tattoos on my face and pierced holes in my body with a sharp pen. She even put a pillow on top of me and started punching it. I couldn't breathe and was in so much pain! I had never been treated so terribly. The other day, Julie got a screwdriver and poked it in my right eye to impress Polly. My eye sunk into my face and then she forced me to eat mud from the garden. I closed my mouth tight but she dug her two fingers right in to my mouth and stuck in a large chunk of mud. I wanted to commit suicide. That was when I knew I was better off sitting on the top of a shop shelf! Now Julie is moving houses and I'm not part of her life anymore, as I'm sitting in a black bag, unable to see anything, unable to breathe. I feel suffocated. My breath is getting shorter, and I'm getting really scared. I know these are my final moments, and I'm so unprepared. Soon I'll be crushed into a million pieces in the rubbish truck. It's better than the experience I have already had. The only toy going with Julie to her new house is not me, neither Polly! Mandy's her new best friend now, if only I could tell her, its not going to last too long... ...read more.

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