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emotional letter

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A letter to make someone understand Dear Markie, the brother who I love more than life itself, As I sat there, in this dark, dank, impersonal hospital room, my thoughts drifted over the last two months. I had gone from being a happy active fifteen year old to being a grey lifeless skeleton, who was wasting away and waiting to die. The diagnosis came as a shock to me. I had been complaining of a lot of headaches, but who takes any notice of them? But our mum, being the overprotective sort she is, took me to our doctor. He ran some tests, nothing to worry about he said. In fact it was something to worry about. It was more serious than any of us could have imagined. I had an incurable brain tumour. They couldn't operate, and chemotherapy and radiotherapy were not an option. I was terminal. My life was shattered within the 10 minutes I was in that consulting room. Mum didn't want to accept it at first. She kept shouting, 'No it's a mistake!! My daughter cannot be dying!!!' ...read more.


I used to love your visits. You were the only person who treated me like I was still alive inside. You made me feel happy and made me want to get up and play. We used to play card games like Go Fish and every week you used to bring me a picture that you had drawn for me at school. My whole room was covered in pictures of me and you playing football together, watching television. Whenever I was sad I used to look at those pictures and lose myself in them. Pretend that none of this was happening, but it was. I don't think you understood exactly what was happening to me. You used to ask, 'When's Emma coming home?' Everybody used to ignore these questions except me. I replied, 'It depends on the doctor and what he says.' Then you said, 'Can I talk to the doctors and ask them if you can come home? I want you back home. I want things back to the way they used to be!!' And with that you flung yourself in my arms and clung on. This made my heart break. I didn't like what I was doing to you. ...read more.


Every time you get an award or something good happens I'll be there by your side. I never want you to feel alone because I'll always be there. Near the end, my life was empty. I don't want that for you. I want you to live for the moment, to never miss an opportunity, I want you to always do what you want to do, no matter what anybody says - you never know what's going to happen. Look at me - in the morning I was a normal teenager, by the afternoon I was a terminally ill cancer patient. I never got to do what I wanted to do - go scuba diving, visit the Caribbean, get married but I don't want you dying with the same regrets. I'll always love you and I'm still your sister even if I am dead and there's nothing you can do to change that. I don't want you wishing your life wishing I was still alive. Just be you. Trust me, I'll know if you're not Live life to the full and with no regrets. Remember I'll always be there for you Markie, no matter what. All my love always xxxxx ...read more.

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