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empathic task jack

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Rapha�lle Fischler, 3�me GC6 Empathic task: Lord of the Flies 6. You are Jack at the end of Chapter four after you and your hunters let the fire go out. Ralph has been angry with you and your team of hunters. Write your thoughts. (p.88) That Ralph and his stupid fire!! I admit it would have been better to let the fire on, but it's okay, no need to make a big deal out of this ! I bet the ship wouldn't even had rescued us... he probably wouldn't have seen us even with the fire ! On this island we can hunt and have fun but all Ralph cares about is being rescued. That's probably the influence of that little fatty ! Who does he think he is to talk to me like this ?! ...read more.


Ralph thinks he's got so much power when in fact he's the weak one. He's scared about staying here, he wouldn't know how to survive longer here, he's not a hunter. If I was the chief we could go hunting every day without anyone telling me what else to do. That would be so much better! And that fatty...I'd like to cut his throat just like I cut the pig's throat. There wouldn't be so much difference after all...I was right to hit him, that's all he deserves. I can't believe what he told me ! Poor little thing I broke his glasses and now he can't see from one eye... haha I was definately right to hit him ! Plus everybody's really starting to annoy me with their bloody beast. ...read more.


Anyway I apologized for this and I can't do anything else. Now if Ralph is still angry that's his problem. When I came back, so proud from my successfull hunt and started telling how good it was, Ralph just didn't care and yelled at me for this stupid fire instead of letting me tell the story. He's just being to rude with me and i won't support it longer. Soon people will realise that I should be the chief, that I should have the power to controll everybody ! I'm thinking of doing my own tribe of hunters and oppose myself to Ralph. I'm sure everybody will choose my side, so they can hunt and have fun. On my side we'll have food from hunting and we will survive easily on the island, as on Ralph's side they will never have the guts to hunt or fight against a possible danger. So...how could they survive here ? ...read more.

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