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empathic task lord of the flies jack

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14. You are Jack just before the feast in Chapter Eight. Write your thoughts about how you feel about being chief. I find the fact that I am now chief quite smashing. This feeling of power is incredibly good!..Of course, the few Ralph supporters went and supported him but I knew I had children on which I could count on. In the back of my mind, I knew the hunters would follow me. They think of me as a leader, a real chief; they would never leave me for Ralph. However, for a moment, I found it strange that all the boys came to my side because I thought Ralph was much more tender kind of person than I am but I have realized that the boys want a leader who is fearless. ...read more.


Then they will see how I have won .I have won the respect. I have won the right to have authority over everyone on the island. If Ralph challenges me, well he will suffer the consequences. I am not at all afraid of him. Many days and nights, I have thought about what it means to be the chief of this island. I want to be feared by all the children. I want to have the feeling of power. Indeed, I will need to stay in control. I am not nervous, I must stay confident. I hope that the group will have fun because in case they don't, they will think about being rescued and will join Ralph. ...read more.


In fact, the best thing is that now Ralph will not impose needless orders to everyone, and there will be no fatty staying along and saying silly comments. Actually, I might think of a way of getting rid of this useless member of our community. But in the future, what will happen? Will the boys still follow me? Will I still be as powerful as I am right now? I definitely need to keep my power on the island to survive. If I want this, the boys must respect me, and call me chief. I must impose the rules, so that every time they are talking to me, they will know that I have more power than they do. I am confident that, if I do that, I will stay in my position of leader as long as I am on this island. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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