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Empty House (1st Draft)

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'Empty House' I thought it was over, but I've never been so wrong in my life. Due to the cause of my stupid actions, I'm alone, stuck in this house forever, no way of getting out. I thought people would be looking for me by now, although I have no idea of how much time has passed but it's seemed like ages. But they will eventually find me, dead or alive. My names Jason by the way, and I'm going to tell you about the nightmare of my life. My day began on a Friday morning; I got to school about ten past nine, ten minutes later than I was meant to be, it's coming to the end of term though so the teachers don't mind as much if you're late, but that wasn't the point. ...read more.


But by doing so I got a three and a five. But I wasn't so lucky this time. I landed on hard card. That means I would have to do whatever the card said, or id be out. Then they handed me the box of cards. I picked one from the back; usually they're not so hard from the back and surprisingly I was right for once. It must have probably the luckiest card I drew in the entire game. They'd probably think I was cheating if they hadn't seen me choosing it. It was the roll again card. So now I get to row yet again. This time I got a five and a six. ...read more.


The day flew by quite quickly, it's was only five minutes away from home time. Wayne suggested that we all go to his house to play on his new games console. But we all knew we wouldn't get ago. He always hogs everything when we go to his house. So I suggested we go to my house and play football out my back. It must have been a good idea, because they actually said yes. Usually no one wants to come to my house because it's, so called, infested with rats. I think the people who make up the rumours is just jealous though because I got the biggest house in the street. It was about half four when they arrived, Wayne even brought his cousin Tom along. Don't know why, all he ever does is get hit in the face with the ball. I suppose it's good defending though. ...read more.

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