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Empty World "BUGGHH!" Neil, after swaying side to side over the bathroom sink, gained balance. He opened his eyes, everything seemed distorted and gnarled. It took a while for his eyes to rectify an image.

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Empty World "BUGGHH!" Neil, after swaying side to side over the bathroom sink, gained balance. He opened his eyes, everything seemed distorted and gnarled. It took a while for his eyes to rectify an image. He saw a drained and colourless self, askew by the reflection of the mirror. Neil adjusted it to see the full image of himself. What he saw horrified him. It was the reflection of the dead body hanging in the middle of the bedroom with its head flopping to one side. With messages impulsing through the optic nerve of his eyes and into his brain, it was too late for Neil to look away. Before he realised, his head had slumped over the sink again. After what seemed an age, he regained consciousness and contemplated his situation. He told himself that if he did not leave this house immediately he might be caught by the killing plague. ...read more.


He picked the man up and laid him on his shoulder. He toll him down stairs and into the garden were he rested the man on the floor. As Neil dug a hole, he observed the beauty of the garden. It had plants varying in colours, from whites, to scarlet to indigos. The lawn seemed recently cut, there was no sight of weeds and the shed look pretty tidy like the house. But the most stunning aspect of the garden was the grand oak tree. With its mammoth trunk and its brunches which only time had created. The ember and gold leaves of Autumn luminescent against the setting sun; Neil had finished burring the body, he said prayers before stepping back into the house. He looks around The kitchen and sees everything tidy and thinks to himself, how house-proud he must had been. He goes back upstairs to see the man's room. ...read more.


Neil took a deep breath and looked away from the picture. He turned his attention the street outside the window. All he saw he was ruins, broken houses, bombed building and torched cars. It seemed that his car was the only one unscaved. Neil realised this was a big problem. He looked up and down the street and saw them, the revolutionists. They were roaming the streets and notice the car, they over to investigate. Neil quickly ran downstairs, but as quietly as possible as he did not want the revolutionists to hear that people living inside the house. He ran into the back garden, as he was he herd people banging on the door, there was a pause. BANG. The door had been smashed opened and people flooded into the house. But by the time they had did this, Neil had jumped over the back fence. He had to get away because he knew that he would be caught. After all, it is a war, and there is no plague like it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shazidur Rahman 10/A ...read more.

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