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Empty world.

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A wave of sickness came over me once again. I felt contractions in my stomach, I was gulping for air like a fish out of water. My legs seemed to know what to do, for now I was back in the bathroom my mouth open and a runny, lumpy liquid rushing out. I felt like my lungs were shrivelling like prunes. After, I stood there looking at the sorry sight. The smell was breath taking, I turned and walked out feeling week back down the noisy stairs. I started thinking, "this place I am in is hell". I felt like doing what that woman had done - take my own life. No I could not do that, that would be selfish. What if someone found me, they would be in the same position I am in now. No, I could not and would not do that. In the kitchen I saw cases of beer stacked against the wall. I helped myself to a bottle using my keys to open it. ...read more.


There was an old cloth in the corner of the room. I picked it up, and started to clean up the mess. As I walked out of the bathroom quiet tears slid down my cheeks. I knew what was now expected of me. I made my way to the dark room. It smelt like a compost heap where the body was beginning to decay. The room was damp I could taste it on the roof of my mouth. She hung there limp and lifeless. Her eyes were bulging out of her head, and a small amount of blood was at the side of her mouth. I walked over to her. I picked up the overturned chair and pulled my self up onto it. I lifted her hanging body so the rope was no longer taut. I pried my fingers in-between her ice-cold neck, which was stained with dry blood, and the rough rope. As I pulled at it trying to loosen it, it was cutting into my skin. I finally was able to get the rope over her head. ...read more.


As I went out the back door there was a shovel leaning against the wall. Its handle looked rough as though it would give me splinters. The shovel head was as sharp as a razor. I began to look around the garden for a shady place with soft soil. I soon found the perfect spot under a big Oak tree. I pushed the shovel edge into the soil with my foot. After an hour or so of solid digging, the hole was finally big enough. I picked up the shovel and walked towards the house. The young woman was just how I left her. I scooped her up into my arms for the last time. I slowly walked out of the kitchen. As I walked towards to the looming black hole tears slid down my cheeks. I lay her in the dirt and began to fill it in. Once she was gone I picked a red rose from a bush. Its petals were like velvet and the colour was so rich it was like blood. I lay it on her grave and walked away. I turned back once to say a final good bye to a woman I did not even know. ...read more.

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