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Encahnted Woods

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The Enchanted Woods The high-speed turning wheels of the carriage creaked as it began to stop. Standing directly outside of the corroded carriage was an old daunting mansion; It had rasping steps, broken window shutters, and was deserted, the mansions appearance sent a shiver down the spine of anyone that set eyes on it. An old man, referred to as Mr. Bonfiley, dragged a young pregnant woman and her three children out of the carriage. The woman wailed for help but no one could hear her. Mr Bonfiley laughed. Suddenly, he heard another cackle; a black figure was walking down the creaky steps. The pregnant woman immediately stopped weeping. "I am surprised you came, Mr Bonfiley," she said. He took a step towards the figure and kissed her hand. "Anything for you, my lady," he replied. "I've brought you a pregnant woman and her three children; I think they will be adequate for what you required. "I did not want a family, you imbecile!" the lady showed her face. The pregnant woman saw a lady, maybe in her fifties, her grey hair starting to show. The lady's face was not what you call attractive. She had yellow teeth, and two different coloured eyes, she started to think about her kids. ...read more.


While the old man was thinking about this, Ethel remained in her chamber, weeping. She couldn't accept that the people she had been living with for the past sixteen years were not her real parents. How could they lie to me? She thought. The thing that frustrated her most was that they separated her from her family, and she did not have the slightest clue where they were. In anger, she went to her rather large wardrobe and grabbed a sufficiently big bag to empty all her belongings into. She was going to leave this small seaside cottage and begin her quest to find her family. She started her journey by strolling through the woods. As a result of her not knowing where to start, she thought it would be best to go to the woods,as they were meant to be enchanted. It was a bright sunny day and the sun shone into the woods. While Ethel was in the woods, she saw two deer. Ethel was shocked to see such beautiful creatures; one was quite petite and the other rather tall, the colour of their fur was a golden brown, but sophisticated, with white spots. In her town of Ventura, only some of the creatures had the gift to talk. ...read more.


She took a liking to the giant anyway. It turned out his name was Bigfoot, so he and Ethel carried on the quest to find her family. As Ethel and Bigfoot walked through the woods, they began to feel tired. They stopped under a tree and found shelter for themselves. "This will do," Ethel said, "We can sleep here tonight and then carry on in the morning." Bigfoot agreed. They slept for a maximum of seven hours and then woke up to find a gloomier day than before. Ethel wondered how the weather could change so quickly. She asked Bigfoot whether the woods were enchanted. "Of course they are. Do you not know the story?," Bigfoot was shocked. "I am afraid not," Ethel said. "Well, there was a lady, maybe about twenty-five years of age. She was brought into the woods to be killed by a worker of the evil witch in your town of Ventura. She was pregnant at the time and had two children with her. The worker of the witch, was about to kill her, but something saved her, something in these woods. No one knows what exactly, maybe a magic lamp or something. It transported the lady and her children to a special world, far, far way," said Bigfoot. Ethel was shocked. Were these people her family? She would need to find out. She told Bigfoot how shocked she was and they headed off to find some more answers. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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