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Encounters of a third kind

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Lee Rudd Encounters of a third kind I, myself and a few unfortunate others decided to camp out in the middle of winter in the "Wild Woods". The day before it all began we were packing our bag packs. I put in some clothes as we where going to stay for a weekend, a torch, a compass and a lighter to make fires. I only put a few things in as we were going to be hiking most of the time. The night before we set off I had a nightmare that we got lost, no one was alive and there was no food. I woke up in a sweat, my heart was pounding and for some strange reason I thought it had something to do with the trip. The next morning I met up with Phil, Ross and Scott, the people that I went camping with. We set off to the woods hiking. When we eventually got there we pitched up the tent and I had a look on the map where we were going next. ...read more.


This was the night the killing began. Philip was the person who had the best survival skills, as he used to be in the army for 5 years, he could catch rabbits and survive on bugs and worms if he wanted. He was the first one of us to die. In the middle of the night it happened, he went out side to go the toilet. We woke up hearing screams, we rushed out with his army knife that he was showing us earlier. When we got out there all we seen where his shoes and his clothes all torn up in the trees. They was a big puddle of blood near the shoes and a line wear who ever or what every dragged him off. We all decided that we weren't safe so we all stayed awake till the morning and packed up the tent. In the morning we went looking for the cottage with out using a compass. We were looking around the woods for about 8 hours but then we finally found it. ...read more.


If they did break in all we had to protect us was the knife. Scratch, scratch, scratch, the door split open and there was a shiny metallic black head. Shaped like an axe with pointy sharp daggers ripping Ross to shreds, as he was the closest person to the door. Scott and me both ran. I found a door leading into the basement so I hid in there and Scott ran some where else. I closed the doors and wedged a plank of wood in it. It was pitch black I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. All of a sudden I heard dripping and scratching, I had the torch in my backpack so I got it out and had a look as to what the dripping was. It was blood probably from Scott. I panicked and jumped back, I fell over on a barrel. When I looked closer it was dynamite. The scratching was getting louder and I remembered I also had the lighter in my backpack as well so I got that out. Now all I am waiting for is the sun to rise or one of the beasts to break through the door then it will good-bye to every thing. ...read more.

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