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Enders Game - Summary

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Ryan Foxworthy English 5 June 4, 2002 Summary Enders Game I have just finished reading the book Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. The book follows the life of a young boy who is believed to be the next great commander, the only one who can save the human species from an Alien race simply known as the "Buggers". The book covers many issues ranging from war and diplomacy to racism. The setting of Ender's Game varies greatly - Ender was first on Earth, then he went to battle school in space, went back to Earth for a 3 month period, to command school (in space again), and finally to a world once occupied by the buggers, Eros. The time period was very vague, but it seemed to take place around 2120. Most of the book took place inside Battle School, a large school for the few children thought smart enough. ...read more.


Then, one day, his anger at the stupidity of his commander finally reaches a hilt and he participates in one of the combat missions at the last second, winning the battle. The commander is furious, his pride tarnished - Ender earned an enemy for life. Soon Ender's natural abilities have made him the best Soldier at battle school, and he is given his own command, with a bunch of raw troops none older than his 9 years (he has advanced 3 years early, and some say none too soon). Within weeks he has them performing like a team, with 5 separate troops and 10 half-troops, more diversity and individual cells than ever seen before. The other commanders had no idea as to how to deal with all the new strategies Ender creates. Despite the fact that he was thrown into the battlefield 2 months early, his unit was soon #1 and never lost a battle. ...read more.


Eventually, in his "final test", he believes that the odds have been stacked against him too high and takes the alternate way out, what he thinks is the cheap victory. He wins the war and destroys the buggers. After this, Ender joins his sister on a journey to colonize Eros, a planet that was previously occupied by the buggers. While he is scouting out a place for a new colony to set up their town, he finds his dreamworld - literally. The buggers created a world exactly like the one he himself envisioned in one of the training "games". He followed it to the mirror that he used to look in and see Peter, and found the cocoon of the final bugger queen placed behind it. He was so advanced mentally that he could communicate with the queen, and he realized that everything had been a misunderstanding. After this he and his sister start their journey out into space, Ender looking for a proper home for the bugger queen to start all over, Valentine along for the ride. ...read more.

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