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Ending to Lamb to the salughter

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Lamb to the Slaughter - Continued 1 year after Mrs. Maloney had murdered her husband. The cell of Mrs. Maloney was dark and cold covered with cobwebs and dust from the years of the past. Mrs. Maloney sat on her bed awaiting the first light of dawn through the small window of her cell. She shared this cell with another called Fran. Fran had been put into to jail for stealing two vans and �5,000,000. Suddenly the bell for breakfast rung. "Come on Fran wake up! Come on!" Fran sat up on here bed rubbing her eyes. "What's the time?" asked Fran, in her cockney slang voice. ...read more.


"Who is Tony?" "My husband. Well, if he will forgive me for stealing two vans and �5,000,000." "I'm sure he will. Anyway let's dig in. We don't want to have cold food." When Mrs. Maloney and Fran had finally eaten all of their breakfast, Fran started to pack and get ready for the outside world. As she was packing her mind was racing. What will the world look like after ten years in prison? Will it have changed? A few hours later Fran was called to go to the checking out desk. Fran had to fill out several forms and tell them where exactly she was planning to stay and a telephone number she had to call once in the morning and once in the evening. ...read more.


There was silence for some time and neither of the spoke. After some time Mrs. Maloney spoke "Hello, I am Sandra. Why are you here?" "I am here because I murdered my husband. I kept it a secret at first, but I felt as if I was haunted. I then owned up because I couldn't stop myself from going mad." "Hey, that is what happened to me. I feel so much better here." There was a long discussion for several hours and then the dinner bell rung. "Dinner time." Said Mrs. Maloney. "Great I am starving. I thought that jail would be horrid and I would have this horrible cell mate, but I think you are the nicest person I have ever met." ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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