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'Ending' To Strawberry Spring.

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'Ending' To Strawberry Spring I had no idea what I was afraid of, just because I didn't know what happened after that luscious fog came last night. It doesn't mean that something bad is in the boot of my car. As I sat wondering I could hear my wife in the next room crying, I thought it would be better to leave her alone and sleep on the couch. 7:00 a.m., with my alarm blaring I decided to get up. My body was aching from sleeping awkwardly on the couch. I stretched and felt my muscles tighten. Suddenly I remembered what I was afraid of all yesterday, the boot of my car. I was ready for work at 8:00 a.m. I kissed my wife on the cheek like nothing had happened. I walked out of the door and unlocked my car but before I got in I decided to look in the boot. I got a feeling of nausea like I knew what was in that boot but I suppose I do know what is in there. ...read more.


I dressed then went to make breakfast downstairs, I saw my wife looking at old photo albums "It was so perfect," my wife said almost like she was watching me through the back of her head, "What was?" I replied, "We were, you had a brilliant job that you enjoyed and we were going to try to have a baby," " We still can, and we're still perfect babe," I was getting a bit edgy now, "Where have you been the previous nights?" "Nowhere I was just out with the lads," I lied "Where you with another women?" she questioned "No, I wasn't. I've got to go to work," I ran out of house before she could say anything else. This time I didn't dare look in my boot but I knew another head was in there even before I was greeted by the smell of stale rotten flesh. The fog drifted into every nook and cranny of everything if anything got in it's way it would swerve around then smoother it into the night. ...read more.


"Yes anyway, the car left yesterday at 10:20 p.m. and came back at 11:10, the murder was committed at around 10:50 just enough time for you to get back," "No I was in the living room watching Friends at ten thirty till eleven o'clock waiting for my wife to come home, I'm sure my neighbour saw my TV through the window," my wife was asleep at 10 o'clock but I had left the TV on by accident. "So your wife wasn't in?" the policeman questioned "No just like she hasn't been the night before and the one before that," I tried to sound hurt it wasn't very good but he was buying it. "Also last night I found," I gulped "I found a human's head in my wife's car boot, it's just out here I'll show you,". After I escaped from the policeman's questioning I got a rent-a-car and drove to an airport, I knew that the police were after me because they must of got DNA readings off my victims. So I've got a plane ticket to Japan I just hope I'll get through customs. ...read more.

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