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Enduring Love - by Ian McKewen - Discuss the changing relationship between Clarissa and Joe.

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Enduring Love - by Ian McKewen Discuss the changing relationship between Clarissa and Joe. The relationship between Clarissa and Joe changes throughout the story. The only sorrow at first is the fact that Clarissa couldn't have children, but despite this they still had a steady, satisfying relationship and were very happy, contented and loving. After the balloon incident and Joe learns of Jed's obsession, and in turn becomes obsessed himself, the relationship between Clarissa and him deteriorates. Slowly at first but then rapidly until they no longer live as lovers, but more so as a matter of having to. Trust and communication breaks down and eventually Clarissa moves out. However there is still love between them, and once the truth is discovered they learn there is still a chance to work at their relationship to piece things together again. From the very beginning in chapter one it starts with Joe talking about Clarissa, giving the impression of their relationship as he talks of a romantic picnic alone together that he had thoughtfully prepared. On page three Joe states: "Even without the balloon the day would have been marked for memory, through the most pleasurable of ways, for this was a reuniting after a separation of six weeks, the ...read more.


The distance between Joe and Clarissa widens even more, and Joe beings to lose faith in Clarissa and has become jealous and insecure. In his mind he is speaking the truth, so doubts Clarissa's motives and thinks she may be looking for an excuse to get out of the relationship. Joe puts Clarissa's view on the situation down to her trying to hide an affair. He invades her privacy and goes through her letters in her drawer in her study. Jed is making him paranoid, and is having an effect on their relationship. There is of course no affair to hide, and he finds nothing, and feels guilty about what he has done but no better to how his feelings are as to why Clarissa is not trusting and supporting him. He puts more time and effort onto researching Jed's behaviour and becomes more afraid that Jed is a serious threat and danger. Clarissa finds out about the invasion of privacy. Along with Joe's behaviour changes, the fact that she finds it hard to believe Joe, accusing him that the letters from Jed are of similar writing to his own, his irrationalness and obsession comparing that of with her fathers illness, the fact he deleted the answer machine messages, ...read more.


The relationship, in conclusion, between Joe & Clarissa changed several times. They have always been in love, and the love has never died. It was questioned by both of them when Jed became involved. The trust and communication broke down. The support, friendship and love became lost. Clarissa doubted Joe's sanity, outlook, and did not believe him. She felt he became obsessed and blocked her out, pushing her away. Joe felt Clarissa was unsupportive of the fact he was being stalked and did not listen to him and that he felt he was increasingly on his own. They went up and down a few times, down usually when Joe's obsession seemed thrown back after an incident with Joe. Once the truth came out about Jed, Clarissa needed time away from Joe properly to think and went to live with her brother. Time and distance for them worked as a healer. There was no more need to be obsessed or to doubt each other. They had never lost sight of love they learned to overcome what had happened and got back together, and continued where they had once left off. They later completed what was missing, a child, and adopted. ...read more.

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