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Enduring Love Essay.

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Enduring Love Essay "Enduring Love" by Ian McEwan, is novel about how the life of a calm and rational science writer is massively disrupted, after he became part of a tragic accident involving a hot air balloon. McEwan centres the book on a real mental condition; called De Clerambault's Syndrome, which the character Parry supposedly has. The book also has many sub-plots, such as Joe's life and relationship with his partner, Clarissa. The opening chapter of the novel draws the reader into the story straight away. We are introduced to the narrator/Joe and his partner Clarissa, they are in a field; having a picnic, when the pivotal event of the story takes place. The mood is romantic and elegant, as a result of the language used: "This moment was the pinprick on the time map: I was stretching out my hand as the cool neck of the black foil touched my palm, we heard a mans shout." The above line sounds very intimate, because of the in depth description of a simple action. Also the rationality of the first line is covered by the romantic mood. When in fact it is a very cool and almost scientific phrase, which seems out of place in the romantic setting, it also sounds very ominous. ...read more.


Chapter 1 highlights parts of Joe's character that show us how he deals with aspects of his life. He takes comfort and finds security in the logic of science. He is a very logical man, who needs evidence and reasons for why things happen. He has a very detached way of looking at things, because it is Joes defence mechanism against "messy experiences". He can bury these messy experiences, such as not having children, under a blanket of scientific knowledge. This shows that Joe is a very organized man, who likes order. However there are times when Joe's rational thinking has its limits. This is when Joe's scientific knowledge falls apart, for instance when he fails to understand how and why love letters are written. When Joes stops theorising he feels as much as the rest of us, and at times seems to be caught out by his emotions. A prime example of this is when Joe is waiting to meet Clarissa as she gets off the plane. Whilst waiting he observes peoples reactions to friends and family. " Observing human variety can give pleasure, but so too can human sameness." ...read more.


Otherwise Joe knows that it will gradually take over his mind. Gradually we, the reader are seeing faults in Joes over rationality and need for evidence. As they make him obsess over things which should be left behind. In Chapter 6 we see a role reversal with Joe and Clarissa. She seems very rational, whereas Joe seems very temperamental and unreasonable. They are talking about Joes feeling that Parry was following him. When Clarissa is cautious of Joes accusations against Parry, she applies the strict principles of logic, which Joe obviously could not do as he was in an irrational state of mind. This becomes a regular occurrence when Joe and Jed are together. Joe's life is gradually unnerved by Parry's existence, his behaviour changes from rational, to an irrational paranoia over Parry. His spontaneous and unexplainable actions do not help his case against Parry, and instead focus the attention on his out of the ordinary behaviour. Joe makes mistakes that make Clarissa, and the reader doubt his claims of harassment. For instance deleting the 30 messages, which Parry left him on their answering machine. Which would have been sufficient evidence for anyone who wanted it. If Joe had been in his usual state of mind he would have known this. This highlights how Parry is gradually getting to Joe, the more and more they communicate. ...read more.

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