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Enduring Love - In Chapter 22 comment on both Joe's and Jed's behaviour.

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English Literature: Enduring Love HMK In Chapter 22 comment on both Joe's and Jed's behaviour Joe's Behaviour In this chapter we see Joe turn from villain due to him buying a gun to being scared by Jed when he kidnaps Clarissa and holds her hostage at Joe's flat. The chapter begins with Clarissa calling up Joe and telling him that she is with Parry in their flat and that he needs o come immediately it is obvious that Parry is controlling what she says and Joe realises this, This alarms him as it would anybody as Jed is on the brink of insanity. Joe is with Johnny his new friend who supplies him with his gun. Johnny is a hippy who helps Joe. Joe explains his situation to Johnny and Johnny gives Joe advice on using and what not and what to do with the gun. Joe then speeds at 115 MPH down the motorway to his flat in Surrey. ...read more.


he didn't want Joe dead in the end just he was angry with him for leading him on and wanted to hurt him like he had hurt Jed. However this confession gives Joe a reason to get Jed locked away and yet Jed then pulls out a knife and put I next to his head threatening to kill himself unless Joe forgives him he then proceeds to push the knife in to make his earlobe bleed and Joe says how can I forgive you when your mad? Parry then hits the floor and an Ambulance and police arrive at the flat. They realise that Joe wasn't lying about the situation with Parry and almost apologise to him but take him down to the station about the firearm he owned no charges were pressed though. Joe shows anger, fear, solidarity and coolness throughout this chapter he goes through many stages. I think his behaviour is relatively normal because he felt threatened by Parry so his Gun was just protection however he didn't really need the gun as Parry in the end was a harmless threat although it could of ended up different. ...read more.


The pages containing the vital information of how Jed planned the attack in the restaurant show that Jed isn't a wet flannel and he is capable of doing damage. He then pulls a knife out his pocket and asks Joe for his forgiveness or he will kill himself Joe seeming not to care says that he cant forgive a madman and Joe proceeds to stab himself under the earlobe promptly followed by the police and ambulance men arriving at the flat. Jed shows in this chapter that his behaviour through the book has progressed from a harmless individual almost like a fan to a terrorist like individual who has no boundaries and is willing to do anything that he feels is correct. However in a way I feel sorry for him and we have to remember that the situation may have arose because of either his disease De-Clerambault's syndrome and also that he believes Joe has left him signs and perhaps he has? However his behaviour is still un-acceptable. By Will Bush ...read more.

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