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Enemies to Peace

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Enemies to Peace Boris screamed (as he always does when he has to jump out of planes). As he was reaching terminal velocity in the free-fall part of his parachute jump, his two-way-radio crackled and buzzed into life. It was his commander relaying the message from base camp that, "Operation alpha omega delta three has commenced." The radio, which looked much like a child's walkie-talkie, whirred as if trying to find the signal again before fizzing and popping back onto the correct channel receiving the words, "Alpine (Boris' codename) mission is go, maintain radio silence, blanc (Base codename) out." Boris acknowledged the command before turning his radio off. As he looked down, he saw the ground for the first time and how rapidly it was coming up to meet him. He pulled his parachute cord hard and fast. Nothing happened. He swore to himself. He recovered from this slight shock and pulled the emergency parachute cord. Still nothing happened. He began to become a little worried and despite the air rushing past him at over one hundred miles an hour, the smallest droplets of sweat formed on his forehead. He looked down again and was startled by the closeness of the ground. He tried his original parachute once more. This time it gave way and his parachute popped out of his pack and speedily slowed his descent. ...read more.


Boris was trapped. He swore to himself again. How could he have been so stupid as to just walk in? He should have known they'd expect him. The next second he heard a hiss like gas escaping from a gas tap. Sure enough, looking up, he saw tiny little movements of air. Colourless and poisonous gas? Deadly, he thought. He went back to the door and tried again, more desperately this time, to open it. It still wouldn't move a millimetre. He looked up at the ceiling again to see where the gas coming from. There was a vent, just big enough for him to squeeze through. He now had an escape route, but no way of getting to the escape route. If only he had a stepladder in his "essentials" pack. Boris managed to keep his cool and remembered his mission objective. He walked to the nearest wall and planted the C4 high explosive onto it. He looked at the wall and realised that it would be his only hope. There were plenty of bars across the ceiling, if only he could reach them. It was then he thought about putting two computer desks on top of one another. This he did, but he was running out of time; he was already having difficulty breathing. He climbed onto the top of the desks but still had to jump to just reach the poles. ...read more.


He checked the rest of his pack to make sure everything was in place. It was. He found what he was looking for, a pack of flares. He sent four flares up, one in each direction, North, South, East and West. Then he waited. Approximately ten minutes later he heard the helicopter rotors in the distance. At last, he thought; I'll be safe soon. A few minutes after he heard the first helicopter rotors, he heard another pair coming from the opposite direction. Then he saw an air-to-air missile fly across from East to West. "Damn," he thought, "They've found me." The other helicopter was in sight by now and he saw the air-to-air missile hit the cockpit straight on. The explosion was spectacular to witness. He automatically thought that it was his commander firing on the enemy. The other helicopter came overhead and dropped a ladder down to him, which he climbed up eagerly. As soon as he got to the top he was hit squarely in the face with a rifle butt. The Russian pilot then flew out to sea and dumped his carcass into the unforgiving ocean. It was Boris' own helicopter that had shot the other out of the sky. What he didn't know was that the Russian pilot had swapped sides during the operation. The Russian pilot was secretly conspiring with MI6 and the other helicopter had been computer controlled. Boris' life had paid the price of the peace. ?? ?? ?? ?? Andrew Dawson 4U 23/05/01 ...read more.

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