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eng coursework

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Australia We were there we had made it unbelievably though I was feeling like a vodka martini, shaken not stirred and too much ice! The plane was worse than a poorly made air fix. You could hardly call it air conditioning it was more like you were sitting in a freezer with wings. Thank god this was only from Malaysia to Darwin and not all the way round the world. The plane was like one of those toys that has a pull cord and when you pull it the flipping thing sings and vibrates, you know the ones that girls have hanging off there bags that flick round and hit you in the street. But any how we had made it we were in Australia. The heat that hit us as we entered the airport was nice, well warmer than the plane but as we exited the airport it was like walking into, well, a wall of heat it was that strong. The shuttle service that ran from the airport to the youth hostels pulled up and we proceeded onto it. ...read more.


You were allowed to swim in this lake so I thought great, the water was so nice and clean and clear, nothing like this country. There were people swimming in the lake so naturally I was going to go in. I was so excited so I didn't even look at what might have been in the water and didn't even consider it, but I had noticed people wearing snorkels but hadn't thought about what they might be doing. "Alex look," coming from my mum "Look where." I replied "Under the water" And a quick short sharp "Aagggghhh" followed. They made me jump what ever 'they' were. Later we were to find out that they were barramundi, big fish, very big fish and alligator snapping turtles. 'Wicked' just what you want with you when you are swimming around minding your own business, a turtle to come up and snap at your privates! Barramundi are extremely big fish native to Australia, and they sucked. They sucked quite literally as that was their way of eating. ...read more.


Have a guess; I had fallen out of bed! I'm sure that you can imagine a transit van. Well behind the front seats put a toilet /shower which was pretty much what it was, two bunk beads sink drainage boards a seat bed down and a load of cupboards above the sink. As you can imagine that leaves little room for a gangway down the middle, but there was. The toilet was behind the driver seat and the bunk beds behind that, opposite the bed was the sink and in between the small passage and squashed down the end was the bed/sofa thing. There is only one thing left to say about it and that is me falling off the bunk bed and hitting my temple on the corner of the drainage board, now you can see why I consider my self a bit lucky to still be here today. Despite that little accident the rest of the holiday ran really smoothly, despite having to get up before sunrise to see the sunrise on Uluru (Ayres rock)- the aboriginal name for it. It was the best holiday that I had ever had and I would love to re-live it someday, but all in time, all in time. ...read more.

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