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English Advert Essay

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Chocolate Advert Chocolate is a huge global product produced in hundreds of versions and styles by hundreds of companies to appeal to all types of consumers. There is a lot of competition for customers as the business is worth millions of pounds. The advert chosen is for Green and Blacks organic chocolate which is beautifully shown in one the weekend news papers. There are two forms of advertisements - display adverts and classified adverts. Display adverts are used by large companies such as Pepsi or Nike to advertise their brands or services. Display adverts use lots of colours and pictures to compete against other adverts for the public's attention. They are used in magazines, papers and posters. ...read more.


These emotions and thoughts do not give a positive feeling for the customer and would seem less appealing for a family day out. The colour blue however would give a sense of water and relaxation. The gold light also blends well with the dark brown and it makes the advert look more professional than using for example green and pink which are colours not associated with chocolate. An advert that looks professional is more likely to attract customers as they will think if the company can afford to make a decent poster then they can afford to make a decent product. The layout of an advert also plays a part in its professional look which will increase the chance of the customer purchasing the product. The layout on this advert is rather simple. ...read more.


The language used is for activities a grown up would enjoy such as "listening to the archers" and "red wine on Wednesday". The image that the chocolate is expensive and special is used to appeal to older customers who have more money to spend on luxury items. This advert is effective because it appeals to the targeted older customer for the product. It uses the sophisticated colours and language which appeal to grown ups. The slogans used "as if you need a reason" and "it deserves a little respect" make it sound special and a treat for the customer who can afford a more expensive chocolate. The advert could become more effective if the logo was sharper and larger to attract attention but over all its clear, interesting and a good image to remember. ...read more.

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