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English Baz Luhrman

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Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet Baz Luhrman had a modern day vision for William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Baz Luhrman had a new and his own interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. So swords and men in tights have been transformed into cars, guns and hip clothes. His interpretation also involves the prologue being made different and modern; he chose to do that to show how a news bulletin would be shown today and by putting the prologue in a news report shows that this is a new modern Romeo and Juliet. Also some of the characters seem different. He also used modern electronics for his techniques; he uses varied camera shots, added sounds and effective mis en scene. One technique Baz Luhrman uses is the way he makes use of the camera. The way Baz Luhrman makes an effect by using the camera is by doing extreme long shots or an aerial view, quick swooshes to each character and extreme close ups. The different camera angles show the audience what's going on and how each character is acting upon it. At the beginning just after the prologue there are different views of Verona in an aerial view in the helicopter looking at the violence in Verona. ...read more.


So Baz Luhrman wanted to really show that Tybalt was really good at shooting. Therefore he put all of Tybalt's rolls, jumps into slow motion. This simply added to the film that Tybalt was amazing at shooting and added to the fight scene making it tenser in the fighting scene. Baz Luhrman had a lot of imagination about the new Romeo and Juliet using Mis- en- scene. Mis- en- scene was added props in the film maybe in the background or maybe the clothes the characters wore. One of the props and where it was set was the Jesus Statue between the two rival buildings with Jesus with two hands spread out between them like he's the bridge between them. This added prop is very clever by Baz Luhrman; it's effective because Jesus is extremely prominent in the film as both rivals are all Christians. Romeo's father like figure is a priest in a church also Tybalt wears a bullet proof top with a picture of Jesus on it. Baz Luhrman had this in the film to show that the violence has to stop between the two house holds. Other added props to the film were the newspapers and the family tree at the beginning of the film. ...read more.


Also, the music Baz Luhrman chose to play when the Capulets arrive is a great deal diverse compared to the Montagues is what the music sends sign to the audience. The music sound very much like the Capulets are dangerous; like there the group of people to be afraid of, the group of people who sends shivers down your spine when they drive pass. In addition the music sounds incredibly like its western, when they come out the car just the low sound of the electronic guitar, showing the Montague boys are in town. As a result, Baz Luhrman used these music genres at the time when you first meet the Capulets or the Montagues to give a little view about them, to show what kind of people they are. In conclusion I think Baz Luhrman was extremely successful. The film is new and modern but it isn't a completely different Romeo and Juliet. He changes the film from the old one to the new Romeo and Juliet for example the prologue, since making it into a news report it makes it a lot effective and also helps to explain the story. Baz Luhrman purpose was to modernize the story line and maybe help people who don't understand the first film since it's such a good film and play made by William Shakespeare. Ben Wilks 10k ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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