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English Book Report. "Godless" by Pete Hautman. Godless is about a group of teenagers would like to build up a new religion called Chutengodian.

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English Book Report Anthony Hui 4F (10) Date: 12th April'2009 Book name: Godless Author: Pete Hautman Summary: Godless is about a group of teenagers would like to build up a new religion called Chutengodian. The water tower in St Andrew Valley was served as the centre of their operation; they named it the Ten-Legged One. As water is essential to life and the tower was the tallest building in the valley, these gave them a sense of worship. Jason was the founder and Head Kahuna of the Church of the Ten-Legged God who had a mother's obsession with diseases and a father's obsession with religion of, which he was tired. ...read more.


They planned to climb up to the water tank. Originally this had no great deal to the citizen. However, Henry's (the high priest of Chutengodian) suggestion of having a swim in the tank put them into deep trouble. Lastly this adventurous story definitely give readers a sense of humors, the interaction between Shin (the First Keeper of the Sacred Text) and all the other characters in the story would burst you into laughter. Insights/Influence: Personally I believe that teenagers should have their freedom to choose their religions, unfortunately most of them are controlled by their parents, which makes them feel uncomfortable about. ...read more.


During the formation of Chuntengodian Jason settled a numbers of disputes among the believers, which shows the spirit of being a leader. However I do not appreciate Henry's suggestion in the story. He did not notice the serious consequences about his actions, this would not only causes himself injuries and also inconvenience to others. Nowadays the government encourages teenagers to study integrated humanities, which aim of not only learns from textbook, but also through their daily life. They may adventure and explore the wonder of nature, just like Shin who was interested in hunting snails and created his own gastropodarium, which amazed Jason. Last but not least I'd surely recommend this book to others, it does provide me new insights of life, which helps me to enrich my life experience with. ...read more.

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