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English Commentary- two hands

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English Commentary The Poem "Two hands" is about a man, who is in awe of his father and his father's profession and would hence, like to pay a tribute to his father by dedicating a literary piece to him. He uses a metaphor to compare their hands and draws a parallel between his father's and his own abilities and professions, thus, praising his father's capabilities. The poet is written in first person by the omnipresent poet's point of view. The poem is set in the poet's house where the father is working on his medical journal in his study. The son is working at the other end of his house. The atmosphere seems to be very busy as both of them are working late into the night. The "pencil nodding" suggests the movement and the vigor with which the father is working, indicating that he is very busy. There are two protagonists in this poem-the poet's father and the poet himself. The poet's father is an experienced surgeon. This is evident as it is mentioned that "The hand that thirteen times between breakfast and supper led a scalpel an intricate dance." ...read more.


He says, "I have watched the other save no one, serve no one, dance with this pencil." The poet is also in awe of how his father takes decision without any hesitation. The poet, on the other hand, is very indecisive as he says, "I curse tonight the other hand, whose indecisions keep me cursing nightly." The poet feels the need to do service to others just like the way his father does and hence, wishes to pay a tribute to his father by writing a literary piece for him. This is evident as the poet says, "Hand you may have a chance to stitch a life for fingers that have stitched new life for many." The poet constantly compares his capabilities with his father. . It is as if he puts his father on a pedestal and hero-worships him. The poem is fast paced. From the beginning of the poem there is a feel of movement and energy as the father works in his study. Movement is also brought about by the use of the mention of the words "intricate dance" and "dance with this pencil". ...read more.


Since hands are capable of stitching cloth, he requests his hands to "stitch a life" for his father. The title "two hands" is very significant because it represent hands which are similar in the physical aspect, but very different I abilities. One hand does service to others by operating on people, while the other does service to others by presenting them with literary works to appreciate. At first glance, it is possible that a reader can assume he "two hands" to be hands of the same person, however it is ironic that it's not. The basic message which is brought about through the poem is that all professions benefit a person in some way or another. Although the poet thought that his profession wasn't as great as his father's, he too did a service to mankind by creating literary work which the world can appreciate. Every individual has different capabilities and it is foolish to compare them with another as we each have our own talents. Another important message which is given through this poem is that everyone should try and contribute to mankind by doing service to others while doing their profession. ...read more.

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