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English Coursework

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How Does Arthur Miller Achieve Dramatic Impact at the End of Act One and the Beginning of Act Two? Arthur Miller was Jewish of a Polish decent he and his family lived in New York in 1915 but they moved to Brooklyn were A View From the Bridge is set. By the time he wrote A View from the Bridge he was an established playwright. Arthur worked in the Brooklyn shipyards for two years were he heard a story of some men coming over to work illegally and being betrayed. The story inspired him to write A View from the Bridge which was written in 1955 as a one act play. In 1956 he wrote the play to a two-act play. ...read more.


He does this by boxing with Rodolfo. Eddie has invited Marco and Rodolfo to go and watch a boxing match. When Eddie asks Rodolfo to have a play fight he refuses, which shows he is scared of Eddie and he just made Eddie angry with dancing with Catherine. Rodolfo and Eddie start boxing so Eddie takes the opportunity to hit him. This shows that Eddie wants revenge after the dancing episode with Catherine. Eddie is a sneaky man as it says in the stage directions "he feints with his left hand and lands with his right." this quote is telling us that Eddie tricked Rodolfo , so he could punch him when Eddie punches Marco kept quiet. ...read more.


"This tells us that Catharine doesn't love him. There is dramatic irony in this scene as we know what is going to happen when Eddie walks in the house as the audience saw where Catherine and Rodolfo were heading. The Aduience point of the play is the audience are in the middle as they don't know whether to feel sorry for Eddie or Catherine and Rodolfo. I think he achieves dramatic impact through these 4 points. These are the main points and all of them are started off by Eddie. Arthur Miller uses Eddie to make a bad feeling in the room which will end up in a dramatic impact. My opinion on this is that it is a very dramatic play mostly in the end of act one and beginning of act two. This is because off all the things happing in between this to places. ...read more.

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