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English Coursework - An Inspector Calls.

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English Coursework An Inspector Calls. After the inspector leaves, The Birling's discuss the night's events. They go into a stage of blaming each-other for Eva Smith's death, pushing the guilt onto one-another. Mr. Birling still does not have his priorities straight as the first thing that initially springs to his mind is that fact that the families reputation will go down the drain if any of the information they gave out will be found out by the public. He claimed that 'There'll be a public scandal.' He was certain that he was going to get a 'knighthood in the next honours list'. In response to his father's attitude, Eric is unconcerned about what the public will think, but more concerned about what went on that night. Mister and Mrs Birling don't want to admit to themselves that they played any part in the girl's death, and keep twisting the subject to point the blame back to Eric. Eric informed his parents 'Well, I don't blame you. But don't forget I'm ashamed of you as well- yes both of you.' He is openly admitting that he has done wrong, but thinks that it is unfair to take all the responsibility for the death of the girl. ...read more.


The police officer had never heard of him, and said that 'there wasn't any Inspector Goole or any one like him on the force'. Birling clarified this by ringing the police station and getting a second opinion. Much to their delight, Inspector Goole was in fact, a fraud after all. While Gerald and Mr and Mrs Birling laugh at what they perceive to be a big hoax, Sheila and Eric do not join in with the celebration. They are still taking into consideration the seriousness of their actions. The last twist to the plot is when the phone rings, and Mr Birling answers only to hear the drastic news that an inspector is about to arrive to investigate a girls suicide. In Daldrey's interpretation of this, when the inspector leaves and the Birling's find that the whole thing was a hoax, Mr and Mrs Birling and Gerald go back into the house as if nothing had happened. They are laughing and joking whilst they do so. However, Sheila and Eric choose not to go back inside the house- they stay on the ground. Here, the house is symbolic- when the Birling's first came to realise what they had done, they were brought down to street level as they no longer felt that they were superior to everyone else. ...read more.


She told her family that the way they talk frightens her, Eric agrees with her. At the end of the play, the phone rings, and Mr Birling receives the news that a girl had died after swallowing disinfectant, and a police inspector is on his way round to ask them some questions. It is here that they feel the guilt of what happened that night. We are put in the position of being back at the beginning of the play again. -Daldrey interpreted this scene dramatically. A man came to the Birling's baring news that the girl had died. At this moment, Sheila and Eric are still on the street and the rest of them are in the house. When they hear the news, The Birling's house swings open; Dramatic music is playing to emphasize the mood and a cloud of mist appears adding to the atmosphere. This relates back to the beginning of the play once more, when the house opened as the inspector arrived. The house is then destroyed and the curtain falls. When the curtain comes back up, we see a bright blue sky in comparison to the dull sky previously. This could symbolise a new beginning. Hannah Aspin ...read more.

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