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ENGLISH COURSEWORK - Compare and analyse two printed media texts. Which one is more effective in reaching its target audience

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Compare and analyse two printed media texts. Which one is more effective in reaching its target audience? Media is the distribution of news and entertainment through elements such as newspapers, television, radio and broadcasting. The media is also used to advertise certain merchandise. Advertising is a form of communication used through media facilities (television, newspapers, posters, radios etc), and attempts to persuade prospective customers into purchasing and buying particular/specific commodities on a higher scale. Advertisers usually attempt to sell products, and are mostly produced by commercial companies, such as Orange, Vodafone, Nokia, Coke, Pepsi etc. Sound and visual media, such as radios, television, cinema, videos and the internet are used immensely by advertisers. A variety of forms of print-media are also used heavily by advertisers. A great deal of print advertising is also received through our letterboxes. In this essay, I will be comparing two adverts which are of the exact commercial phone and Networks Company. Both the adverts were produced by "Orange", and would therefore be advertising phones or network gadgets. Due to being produced by the same company, customers may assume that both the adverts would be similar. ...read more.


Despite being produced by Orange ad-writers, the unlike the first advert, the second advert doesn't have a logo of the Orange company. This would inevitably paralyze and reduce the effectiveness of the advert, as it lacks tremendously in its identity. Customers will not know which company is advertising using the specific print-media. The Sony Ericsson advert has good lettering. The sizes of its fonts are clearly visible, which will have an enormous effect on the advert, as its viewers would be less drawn to having to result to visualising the advert myopically (particularly people with bad eye-sight or glasses). The title in the first advert is in a large and bright orange colour, which contrasts well with the dark black background, which inevitably increases its effectiveness, due to its good visibility. It also has a good caption in white lettering and in a slightly large font beneath the title. The fonts in the bottom left of the first advert are reasonably large enough to be read easily, and their white colour allows the lettering to stand out of the dark coloured background, making them more eye-catching, which will inevitably cause an increase in the effectiveness of the advert as a whole. ...read more.


This allows us to contemplate that the Sony Ericsson advert is more effective in this manner. There are some similarities between the two adverts I have been comparing. Both the adverts were produced by the same commercial company, Orange. Both their backgrounds are relatively dark, and their fonts are in either bright orange or white in colour, which allows them to stand out and have more of an eye-catching effect. The fact that they're both advertising mobile phones allows us to contemplate that they're very similar. Overall, we can conclude that the first advert has more of a powerful effect than the second. The fact that it represents better graphics and visuals allows us to contemplate that it would have a more attention seeking manner. The particular sizes and colours of its fonts stand out dramatically, and contrast well with its background. The fact that the Nokia advert has no logo defines the fact that it's useless, due to having no company identity; viewers will inevitably feel put off from further reading the advert. The superiority of visuals and graphics the Sony Ericsson advert had over the Nokia advert resembles the fact that its effectiveness is greater. And it's greater in its identity due to having an Orange company logo, unlike the Nokia advert. ...read more.

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