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English Coursework - Diverse Cultures

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Diverse Cultures Coursework The Great Depression was a worldwide economic breakdown. It was the largest and most important economic depression in modern history, it began in the United States on Black Tuesday with the Wall Street crash of October 1929 and rapidly spread worldwide. It lasted about a decade, ending in the early 1940s. During this decade many people were living in poverty, in need of food and shelter. Banks, stores, and factories were closed and left millions of people jobless and without any money. Many had to rely on charity and the government to stay alive. This is why many men had to leave their families in search of jobs. Many men like George and Lennie went to California because there were a lot of jobs for them to do on ranches. From the opening chapter we learn the George and Lennie are the typical itinerant workers. They have just got fired from one job and are travelling to go another one. George shows his frustration of having to move constantly to find work. He accuses Lennie of keeping him 'shovin' all over the country all the time.' This shows how hard it was to keep moving around and having no home to go to fell safe. ...read more.


These magazines were probably comics that the men 'loved to read.' The only piece of furniture they had was a table were the men played cards to keep themselves for feeling bored and lonely. The bunkhouse also shows harsh living condition and the poverty at those times. Steinbeck shows us that the social environment in which the story takes place is one of violence and hostility. In chapter 2 like when George and Lennie were talking about the dream and Candy was listening to their conversation 'you was pokin your big ears into our business.' Candy replies 'I didn't hear nothing you was sayin' this shows George did not want anyone to know about their dream, he might have worried that the might tell someone like the boss or try to get involved all ruin it. 'A guy on a ranch don't never listen nor he don't ask no questions' there was a lot of mistrust and most men did not want to know each others business, if they knew too much they could use that to get them fired. Also in chapter 2 George and Lennie arrive at the ranch together. ...read more.


The men stayed away from her because they knew she could get them into trouble and if Curley saw he would start a fight or get them fired. 'Think I don't like to talk to somebody' She had no one to talk to so she dressed nice and went around trying to start a conversation with someone. She was 'stuck in that house alla time' and was bored and lonely. When the Curley and some the guys go out on a Saturday night she is left alone. The men were also lonely as they travelled by themselves and had no one they could trust. They went to bars and got drunk, they visited brothels to try and take their mind off everything and forget reality. George gives up on the dream after Lennie's death even though he could have still achieved it because he probably thought it was going to be different without Lennie, he pictured both of them on their ranch doing their jobs. Candy was old and would probably die soon so George would be lonely. All the characters ended up lonely this is why no one achieved the 'American dream.' The tragic ending was fitting because Steinbeck is trying to show the reality of the Great Depression: dreams did not come true. :) Milica Maksimovic 1 ...read more.

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