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English Coursework - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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English Coursework - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde How does Robert Louis Stevenson explore the concept of duality in Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde? Oishee Islam Introduction The Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was published in 1886. Robert Louis Stevenson used the concept of duality to show the differences between science and religion. Dualistic symbols and events were used through out the story but towards the end there were more religious aspects used than scientific, to differentiate the importance between them. The characters of Jekyll and Hyde have been used to symbolize the division between science and religion, representing the theory of Darwin. Ever since Darwin had published his book "The Origin of Species" his theory affected the thoughts about knowledge and faith in society, this also ruined the reputation of Darwin. Conveying this point, Stevenson uses science and religion to the stage where not only Jekyll and Hyde are affected but also people around them. ...read more.


Ch 7 pg 48 - 49, Stevenson had described before, how other characters feel when they are around Hyde "...strong feeling of deformity..." Ch 1 pg 17 after this incident he uses this feature to show the presence of him "...froze the very blood..." Ch 7 pg 48 the presence of both Hyde and religion shows influence on Jekyll "...God forgive us!" Ch 7 pg 49 though this chapter is short, Stevenson has used it to show how Hyde has completely dominated Jekyll. Chapter six had the narrative by Lanyon, but it could not be read until Jekyll's narrative was attained. By using chapter eight both narratives were gathered "...first read the narrative...turn to the confession..." Ch 8 pg 62, and were read in the next two chapters by the permission of Jekyll himself, Stevenson wanted to make two chapters explain the solution, that is why he used this method. ...read more.


Though there have been many conflicts between science and religion in the story, Stevenson has also shown that if one does not exist another will also lose its existence, he used this factor to show how people with just one of these can either be uncontrollable or undeveloped, so it is better to have both in one personality than to have two separate ones "impossible to do one with out the other..." Ch 7 pg 47 Conclusion As Darwin had created a big effect in society, Stevenson wanted to show this in his book. He showed how science and religion had conflicts against each other; also one should not stay without the other, to create balance in personality. Stevenson uses Darwinism and different forms of duality to show that two is negative and that every person should live for their own individual purpose. He does this by varying amounts of science and religion along with forms of duality to show how conflicts can create problems for everyone. ...read more.

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