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English coursework essay- the taming of the shrew By Sugra Butt 10CMG

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English coursework essay- the taming of the shrew By Sugra Butt 10CMG In the play the taming of the shrew I will be discussing about Katherine & Petruchio's behaviour towards each other through words, body language and stage craft. In the Elizabethan times men kept women as possession the women had many hard times coping without freedom & limited to what they could do out side also women were accompanied by men at all times because they were thought as being vulnerable. 1ST meeting: When Petruchio and Katherina first meeting, he winds her up by using the opposite ironic language for example "the prettiest Kate in Christendom" Petruchio makes mistakes and calls her "Kate" instead of Katherina she replies with "They call me Katherina that do talk of me" Katherina tries to correct Petruchio, she probably is very direct about her name being said right, but Petruchio ignores this comment and continues. ...read more.


We hear from Grumio, a rich old man who tells us about how humiliating it was to be attending the wedding, Petruchio arrives really late to church making a mockery of Katherine, he also comes drunk, dressed up as a tramp. "No shame but mine.......against my heart". This language of Katherine shows self pity and disappointment towards her self and this is said before Petruchio enters. The family and guests enter the church they insist he goes of and gets changed but Petruchio insists to get married as he is. Grumio describes the wedding as "Such a mad marriage never was before" which is very true, Petruchio says "Gog's wouns" in the church, what he actually meant was 'god's wounds'. This is evidence to show he is drunk. When this is said the priest drops the prayer book with shock he bends down to grab the holy book but Petruchio hits the priest and priest falls down too, he quotes "Now take them up". ...read more.


Petruchio wants to keep her in his control so she doesn't answer him back, blaming her for all sorts of trouble he has caused, Petruchio believes there is no other way in taming a shrew. "This is a way to kill a wife with kindness," he follows on and asks a question to the audience for any suggestions, "He that knows better how to tame a shrew now let him speak" I believe that Petruchio doesn't expect a response back from his audience." Conclusion: At the end of my essay I am beginning to believe that the relationship of Petruchio and Katherine will be getting worse, I think Katherina is only showing Petruchio she is going to play with him and act much clever. But due to the way women were treated in the Elizabethan times Petruchio is much stronger than Katherina. She has put on a new image as a discipline women who listen to her husband; she is only trying to fool Petruchio into believing he has won the battle to tame her. ...read more.

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