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A trailer is a brief summary of a film, shortened down into a two minute clip. It shows the audience what genre the film is, when it will be out, who made it, the cast and what the target audience is. It also needs to send across its unique selling point or USP, what makes the film stand out from the other similar films currently out. A trailer will use the key points of the film, and will create the plot of the film. This then gives the audience a sense of excitement and if they like the trailer, then will be an incentive to see the film itself. Trailers are more effective then posters as they are moving images with sound, and create an atmosphere. Sound means that the trailer can use voice-overs and music to create a show for our ears. Posters have to first catch our attention before we read them, while most people glance at them and continue walking. A trailer however, immediately catches our attention as the images move fairly quickly so we have to concentrate all the time, so we don't miss anything. So therefore, a trailer is the most effective for advertising a movie. The first shot is of Munez placing a football on the cold, wet floor of an alley, and the ball spinning. It is a close up, low shot of his feet, and suggests that he has standout ability with his feet. The cold wet alley show that Munez is from a poor area and has been brought up in poverty, this is because alleyways are associated with poorness especially in urban areas, and the wet floor shows that he is facing hardships. ...read more.


Munez overcomes this which shows the audience that he can take on problems with his stride and get his way past them. The camera was focused on the lower half of his body. This is because the film is based on his talent with his feet and a ball. The music has been constant throughout, and other than the flash of sound when he receives the ball, continues to be calm and quiet. This tells the audience that he plays the game with such concentration, that he remains calm and composed throughout the game, with sudden burst of skill and talent which seem to occur naturally with him. The music seems contrapuntal with the energy which is going on with Munez. The shot lasts for about double the length of time that previous shots have gone on for, which attracts our attention because of the different time spacing. There is a quick cut to the next glimpse of a scene which shows Munez slowly jogging forward. This can be seen as him slowly improving his future, or seen to be portraying his struggle and effort. This scene is a very high shot taken above Newcastle, fading into the shot from black. It is quite a slow, dark, monotonous shot, that has a low-key contrast which makes it look shadowy. These factors make the shot seem like it is some kind of dream, or that it is out of reach to him. The high view is the best view possible to see everything, and gives a sense of how big the area is. ...read more.


The nightclub scene also gives him even more depth, because we now see that he is not a perfect, lifeless person, but rather he makes mistakes and can therefore be associated and connected to the audience better. The scene where Munez is running along a pier could mean several things. The silhouette that he seems to be, creates the perception that he is a mysterious, shy, solitary and committed person. The fact that a storm is going on around him could give the impression to the audience that there is a lot of fuss going on about him, and that he could be causing a bit of trouble or getting a bad reputation. The colour blue seems to be the focus around him, so it could be that he is such a unique person or such a unique talent, that he comes around once every blue moon. Throughout the film, there has been lots of publicising of the brand 'Adidas'. It has been on the clothes that they wear, the boots that they wear, and the ball that they play with. They do this to publicise them, and in return, the film makers get an extra bonus or deals made with them. The audience can also relate to a good, popular brand and can tell that they are official, and well-known. The words appearing in between the fast shots read, "This Year", "One Word", "Unites The World", "Goal The Movie". The writing is always moving, which is the same as football. It is also a unique font, which relates to the type of player Santiago Munez is. The trailer finishes by saying, "GOAL THE MOVIE", and a slow motion goal. The audience can link these two together, and it also gives a sense of completion to the trailer. ...read more.

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