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English Coursework - Great Expectations

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Daniel Heppell 27/04/2007 English Coursework - Great Expectations Charles Dickens was born in 1812. He lived with his father for the first 12 years for his life, until his father fell deep into debt. He then went to live in a prison until his father paid off his debts. During the time before he wrote 'Oliver Twist', two main events in history occurred. These were that slavery was abolished by Wilberforce, and the Chartists started their campaign to help the poor people of Britain. These indirectly inspired him to write 'Oliver Twist'. Oliver twist is a story about a boy who is born into an orphanage from his unknown mother, who dies giving birth. He stays in the orphanage until he is sold to an undertakers for 5 pounds as slave labour. He is abused at the undertakers and so he decides to run away to London, to get a better life. When he arrives, he is taken in by a pickpocket and taught how to steal for a living. ...read more.


This was how he distributed 'Great Expectations'. Great Expectations was a story about a boy called Phillip Pirrip, known as Pip, who doesn't know any of his parents or 5 brothers, as they died while he was too young to be able to remember them. His only relation is his sister and her husband, the local blacksmith, and she runs a very strict household. The story starts where Pip is in the village church yard. He is cornered by an escaped convict, called Magwitch. He threatens Pip and says that if he doesn't bring him food and a file, that he will hurt him. Pip runs home and steals a pork pie and a file and brings them back. On his way to the churchyard, he comes across another convict who he startles and he runs off. Pip eventually finds Magwitch and he gives him the file and the food. The two convicts are late caught fighting. ...read more.


They decide to put Magwitch on a trans-Atlantic ferry. He is followed to the ferry by the police who have been tipped off by the convict Magwitch was fighting at the start of the story. They fight on the boat that comes to pick them up and fall off. The other convict is killed but Magwitch is still alive, although badly hurt. He is put on trial and is sentenced to death. Pip goes to Miss Havishams house and tells her that he thought it was her sending him the money. She tells him that there wasn't enough evidence for it to be conclusive that it was her sending it. He walks out of the room, and a block of coal from the fire falls out and burns her. She dies and so pip goes back to London. Magwitch has taken ill due to his injuries. He tells Pip of his daughter. Pip makes the connection between Magwitch and his daughter, who turns out to be Estella. ...read more.

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