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1998 saw the release of saving Private Ryan directed by Steven Spielberg and was set in 1942 during world war two, Starring Tom Hanks, Ed Burns, Matt Demon, Tom Sizemore and Jeremy Davis. Etc This shocking and realistic film re-creates the horrific events that took place during the Normandy landings. In the opening scenes of this down to earth movie, the director illustrates an emotional, sad, shocking and horrendous image by starting the movie with a bang of overwhelming and harrowing scenes which evokes all the horror and terror of the Normandy invasion. In addition, He also uses a faded and metallic America flag which represent that the film is set in past and which also suggests that the theme is about war. Furthermore, the camera zooms into James Ryan's face which implies that he is depressed and feels sorrow for his fellow soldiers that lost their lives in the battle. In brief, the big white crosses in the graveyard emphasises that the director is being more realistic about huge loss of lives in war which makes the audience feel distressed and pitiful for soldiers that lost their lives for their countries. However, the movie is in contrast with older war films for example the 'dam buster' because in Saving Private Ryan, it started off ...read more.


The sound of the machine gun is in loud and the zipping of bullets whizzing through the air and the sea water bubbling add to the domino effects and in contrast with the sound on land, de-saturated and metallic colour. However, captain miller is confused and strained when he is deafened by the sound of a grenade, he's surrounded by dead bodies and his mind is full of horrors. The camera zoomed on his face in order to emphasise his emotions and fears and this adds to the realism because it shows the real side of war. The mood quickly changes from chaotic and atrocious to brave and courageous as captain miller begins to instruct his soldiers while the German machine gun is still firing and this would make the audience to feel involved, we see this through the scene when the soldiers are planning their tactics on the enemy and at the same time the opposition machine gun is continuing, the voice of the soldiers competing with each other is in contrast with the sound of the machine gun_ which really makes the audience understand what it felt like to be in war. In addition, the hand held camera was used to zoom on the soldiers' face and this shows their sorrows despair and their eager for revenge. ...read more.


sound of bullet piercing through a soldier's chest and the sound of the soldiers struggling to get out their webbing and a shower of blood etc, all this effects create a chaotic and horrible imagery in our mind and as well as make the audience feel intense and hook on. Notably, this movie is superb and exhilarating because it encourages people to honour and appreciate the people who were involved in the war and remember them for their bravery and astonishing enthusiasm because without them, we wouldn't have been here. Furthermore, the advanced in technology also plays important role in making the movie realistic and shocking, for example the equipment such as hand-held camera, overhead camera and underwater camera creates a special effects which is exceptional, incomparable and electrifying and this unique achievement made it possible for the audience to feel included in the spectacular scene and graph imageries, which in fact illustrated the reality of war. Once again, Mr Spielberg created a masterpiece which made him one of the best directors in the world. The movie is superb and I really enjoyed watching it because it taught me a lot of things which I didn't know about war before and I can also picture how life was for the soldiers during the world war two. ...read more.

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