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English Coursework: Original Writing

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English Coursework: Original Writing Part 1: 1st diary entry by Pip Today my life felt it had a different meaning to it. I thought all my life I would stay a middle class working boy who want have his dreams want be realty but it all happened today which has given me different meaning to life. After visiting Mrs Havism residents I felt that her life style will be one I would dream of and never be able to achieve such high class of living. Following the visit of the gentlemen today I established that I had inherited a bulk of money which has been left by someone and I get my hands on a better life style and my dreams become realty. Once I got some time to come terms with everything that had happened I realise the only person to leave this money would be Mrs Havism. There can not be anyone else as I don't know anyone else who lived a rich life style and would leave it for me. I believe it should be Mrs Havism as she is paying back to me the way she treated me when I was a guest at her House. ...read more.


I transformed the whole flat from a working class mans flat to a high class flat with everything being to my satisfaction. It felt like I was worthy to be called as a high class man. Even Herbert was astonished to what a change had happen to the flat. Another spectacular change came to the day as we were wondering through London and saw a gentlemen's club which me and Herbert invited are self to which ended up me and Herbert becoming members of this gentlemen's club called "The Finches of the Grove". The Gentlemen's Group is great and atmosphere and is as just what I thought of London. At the gentlemen's group we drank expensive wine but the wine just didn't feel right its taste was like it was cheap but I was getting a bill which I was paying for the most expensive wine in the Gentlemen's group I could get. After coming out of the Gentlemen's group we raced around London in over carriages. In over carriage it was me and Herbert and we were racing another friend which we met at "The Finches of the Grove". ...read more.


It was Joe Gargery. I and Herbert were just lazing around the flat just getting ready to go "the Finches of the Grove" when we had knock at the door I told the servant to answer it and was told it was a member of my family at this point I felt shiver run through my spine I was thinking who it could be. When Joe Gargery walked in i felt all the atmosphere change and what ran through my mind was what will Herbert think of Joe as he was dressed up as common working man. To make the visit short I took Joe in the other room and talked to him. It was just general talk about what he and sis were up to. Getting bored I made the excuse of me and Herbert were on over way out and you have disturbed us. Joe Knowing I was bored of him he decided to leave. I was just glad that he made his visit short and no one from the gentlemen's club came around to the flat. Today has been awful and am delighted Joe made his visit short. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohammed Ismail Ayub Pip Diary Extract ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Great Expectations section.

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