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english coursework- room 101

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Room 101 Room 101 is an idea about a place where people can deposit of their hates and despair. The term was originated from Orwell's novel (nineteen eighty four), written in 1949. He wrote about a man called Winston Smith who had been imprisoned for 7 years for being a member of a secret organisation to promote freedom of thought. He has suffered many beatings and types of torture at the hands of his jailor, a man called O' Brien who is attempting to brainwash Winston. O 'Brien later decides that Winston must face the ultimate kind of torture - a visit to Room 101. This novel was later made into a TV chat show with Paul Merton in which they interview many guests about their hates and detests before later dooming this item to a life time in room 101. In this essay I intend to tell you about my dislikes and detest and tell you my reason for condemning these items to a life time in room 101. ...read more.


Almost every golfer I know is overweight so it can't be doing you that much good if you ask me. Pick a proper sport that means you actually have to exert some energy! The third thing I am assigning to room 101 is people who disagree with the war on terrorism. I find it ridiculous how people can even think like this. All I have to do is think back to the day of 9/11 and I then realise exactly why this war is taking place. I see many people on the streets handing out leaflets saying stop the war but why don't they just think about how they would feel if a member of their family had been caught up in this horrific terrorism act and then tell me they don't want to go to war with these people. Some people just don't get it and think that we should all just be nice and chat over dinner but they should enter the real world and realise that this isn't a peaceful loving place all the time. ...read more.


Believe it or not smokers many of us do not want to die a slow and painful death like you. The final entry I want to assign to room 101 is Liverpool fans. There are many reasons for this, starting with they really think Liverpool are the best team in the world, sure, supporting a team means you think they are good to some extent, but they seriously think they can beat anyone in the world, and this really gets on my nerves. I mean they won the champions league 3 seasons ago and they still go on and on about it as if it was yesterday, it weren't as if they actually won it on talent they won it on pure luck alone which makes it even harder to bare. Another reason why I dislike Liverpool fans with a passion is how every season we get from them "well we going to win the prem this year" and every year they finish miles of the pace, actually Liverpool have never won the premiership and you have to go back 18 years since the last time Liverpool actually won the league. ...read more.

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