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English Coursework - Story

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English Coursework - Story Final Draft By Stuart Hamilton He stood still in the middle of his room, in the dark looking for something. Something was wrong. His head was spinning and he had no idea what was going on. As he glanced around the room, at his posters on the walls, his bed and his toys that were scattered across the floor, he felt the air in the room chill and that darkness grow and become even blacker. He felt a presence about the room and it added to his growing fear. He had to get out of the room. Get away from this shadow that was lingering above him. He needed his mother to calm him down and to make him feel secure again. He turned towards the door of his room and reached for the handle. As he turned it his body froze to the sound of a loud thud. He slowly turned his head and saw the cause of the noise, which was a book that had fallen off his shelf. ...read more.


He was not alone. He knew that his mother's killer was in the house, somewhere, and it was coming for him. He thought that the best idea was to get back to his room because he knew it well and the door had a lock. The only problem was that he had to cross the corridor again and over the top of the stairway. He had not heard anything since the last time so he thought that it would be wise to go now because if the person were coming up stairs he would hear it. As he crept down the corridor a great amount of fear and confusion entered his mind. The bathroom door was wide open. Then as he walked past, the room was empty. But the sink that was normally clean and pearl white was now stained with the blood of his mother. He held back his tears due to him not wanting to give away where he was. When he reached his room he slowly closed his door, locked it and then pulled his cabinet across the door to stop his mother's killer getting in. ...read more.


He looked at his hands and they were coated, as were his clothes. He had not noticed it before and then he noticed something tucked into the back of his pants. A knife. This sent him into a spiral of insanity. He then remembered what had happened and how he had a fight with his mother because she wanted to go to see the doctor again. Then he recalled when he went down stairs and got the largest knife he could find with which he then stabbed his mother again and again before he realised what he had done. He then ran to the bathroom to clean himself up. But he found that he could not clean him self so he stashed his clothes on the top shelf in his closet hoping that no one would find them. He broke down again but he tried to regain control because he knew that if he regained the anger he would be locked up again and he could not take any more of the treatment. His mind then went blank as it did before and he went back to bed forgetting the whole night. But what he did not know is that a chilling and foreshadowing feeling will awake him. Just like before. End ...read more.

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