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English Coursework, The Prisoner

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My cell is really smelly, small, dirty and dark. The cell has a small window with steel bars which I can't cut, even if I could cut it and jump out of the window I would go down 50 meters and die. My cell also has a little hole in the side which goes to the guy in the next cell, my cell has a toilet sit and a sink, my toilet sit is always dirty because flushing knob doesn't work, and the water that comes out of the sink is brown and dirty, my bed is very hard and it's cold, it has a small sheet and a small blanket, its good enough for the summer but when its winter I get really cold and they (police officer) ...read more.


Some people when they have money, they buy a little hammer to escape, but before they finished the tunnel that they are digging they get caught and they take the hammer away and they go to the solitary for at least 3 weeks. No one escape yet, 1 or 2 people were close to escape but the snipers got them before the get away. I thought about escaping but I realise that its better be in here than get killed by the police outside, here in my cell I can think about all the mistakes that I have done so far and the murder that I commit. If I get out and I see the family of that man I killed I would feel guilty and maybe I would commit suicide. ...read more.


Knock, knock, it's the police knocking the door to take me to the jail. On the next day, I woke up here in this horrible cell. I am going to have to live with that murder for the rest of my life. This prison is now my house and this stinky cell is now my bedroom. I will probably live here until I get really really old or maybe never get out of here, but I got friends here now, they will help me to live each day with a smile in my face. They are great, they help me when I most need them. The End here in this horrible cell.o take me to the jail, next dayad any choises lice!" dont acessories i hat i get killed by the police, here in my cell i ...read more.

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