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English Creative Writing - Autobiographical - Time to perform.

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English Creative Writing Coursework. (Autobiographical) Time to perform The atmosphere in the changing room was buzzing. It was so loud I couldn't hear myself think. Everyone was so excited and couldn't wait to get out on the pitch. I sat on the bench with my head down in deep contemplation of the job ahead. Slowly, as I fell deeper and deeper into thought, preparing myself, the noise around me seemed to diminish, but in reality it remained the same. It was the final of the spring cup and I was willing to defy all odds in order to have the trophy in my grasp. "Silence!" yelled the manager. Within an instant the atmosphere was dead silent. He walked into the middle of the small, square changing room where a pile of unused kit laid on the floor. He brushed it all to one side and looked round slowly at each of one of us before he said anything. At this point there was complete silence. You could hear pin drop. He went round the circle continuing to look each of us dead in the eye as he laid down the law and told us each what our responsibilities were. The light shined on him through a gap in the small broken window. ...read more.


The goalkeeper was in mid-flight; I prayed he didn't get to the ball. I watched as it soared past, brushing his fingertips. It hit the back of the sturdy net and fell to the floor. I felt a quiver rush through my body. The adrenaline was overwhelming. I turned round and punched the air with delight. I saw a group of 6 of my teammates rushing towards me. Within a blink of an eye they were all gathered round me. There was an uproar of joy. We were all shouting with delight. There were hands everywhere patting me on the head, on my back and hugging me in appreciation. I was overwhelmed with the reaction I received from everyone when I scored. I felt accepted and loved. After a few minutes the frantic celebration was over and we trotted back to our positions for kick off. For the rest of the half I was in disbelief about scoring in a cup final and my team wining 1-0. We were on the road to wining and I could almost feel the trophy in my grasp. The whistle blew signalling the end of the half. We were 1 - 0 up and emotions were running high. Everyone crammed back into the compact changing room. ...read more.


His father who had come onto the pitch from the stands consoled him. We were all sitting on the dusty floor, broken-hearted with our heads down, some staring into nowhere. We had to endure the humiliation of watching the opposing team go and collect their trophies as winners, while we had to settle for runner-up medals. I watched in grief as they collected their trophies backed by a roar of applause and cheering as each individual was presented with the gleaming gold trophy with a figure of a football player on a base of marble. The final player of the opposition received his trophy and it was now our turn to receive our runner up medals. I forced myself up off the floor and walked towards the table where the shimmering gold medals laid. Although they were attractive, it was nothing compared to what it would have been like to receive the winner's trophy. I lowered my neck and the old man with white hair placed the red ribbon medal around my neck. I looked up again and shook the mans hand and he consoled me saying "Unlucky mate. That was a great goal". I was warmed by the praise he gave me but when I glanced down at the medal the words 'runners up' stared me straight in the face. The words resembled failure. Alessandro Moro 10r 1 ...read more.

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