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English Creative Writing - Heartland Story

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Introduction The story Heartland is set in the little valley of Virginia. Heartland is a place where ill -treated horses come and get healed from injuries inflicted on them. This is where Amy Fleming lives with her grandfather and sister, who has just moved in. Amy's mother is dead she works with her grandfather and sister and she enjoys the life she has. But this year something different happens her father arrives after twelve years apart. This disrupts their lives and when a horse is brought for Amy's help she decides to ignore it because of her reaction to her father thought she sees that she has made an error of judgement by taking out her anger with her father on the horse. The horse's hoofs stamped deep into the crumbly ground. Amy could hear the usual wining of the horses. The cold breeze made a chill fall over her. Moving gentle her long like chocolate hair out of her face. She could smell the sweet sent of the grass. Once again the wind blowed at her face as if she had just been slapped. Standing near the fence she noticed that her jumper was getting caught on the brown jagged surface. Amy could see the grass like a never ending sea. There all sorts of different shapes, sizes and colours of horses grazing like a picture of an artists painting. ...read more.


When crunching the food her mouth felt like a volcano that had not already erupted with lava still inside. Finishing the food that made her feel warmer. Walking toward it the door opened and a short old round man came in. Seeing that his face was concerned Amy walked up to him " Grandfather?" she exclaimed " I am going to put the horse's away," He said. And with what he left letting the door shut with a bang. Amy decide to go to bed as she walked up the pink carpet stairs she saw the pictures of her family but without her dad. Thinking to herself she saw a little girl wearing a full riding suit, that she was smiling because she had won her first show. Amy could remember the day well she was so nervous as well as excited. Maybe that's how her dad feels. "No" she said to herself he never cared. Still thinking about her dad she went up to her bed room. It was still in the same mess she had left it in. The blue bed covers were not made and her magazines were also in a mess. The wall was decorated with light blue and red flowers. In the corner stood a little brown chestnut desk. Amy sat on her bed and after taking a deep breath fell to sleep. The robin was chirping by the window. ...read more.


Looking, Amy saw that his slate grey eyes were telling the truth. He was the one person that understood her. Amy looked now at her father and saw him as a different person his eyes caring and considering her feelings. His hair was messy sticking up all round each side. The skin on his face glowed with shine. Amy half wished that she could say more though instead she leaped into his arms and gave him a hug "Thank you for understanding" she cried A few hours later Amy found herself with one of her favourite horses, Sundance. She patted him gently, "Oh Sundance" she whispered "I know things didn't go well for the other horse but, I understand now that you can't always get things right. But I wont let that ever happen again I won't forget you or the other horses. I promise". Even as she spoke she knew that life moved on nothing lasted forever. As she looked towards the slender young oak tree she thought life was about the future, not clinging to the past. Through the October dust she heard someone call her telling her it was time for dinner. Making her way down towards the house she smiled. While having dinner she had never talked so much there was so much to say to her dad. Amy became reminded of the picture she had seem when she won her first show she smiled to herself thinking she was part of a family again a real one. With all her favourite people were with her. Copyright to R Michaels ...read more.

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