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English creative writing narrative

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My name's Jack Chapter 1 I wove in and out of the ever-increasing townspeople that littered the squalid streets, searching for my victim. My clothes were almost unrecognisable from when I first acquired them, a thick layer of dirt covered the torso, and my sleeves were torn in numerous places. Poverty lingered everywhere. In shop doorways, in the gutters and down sordid back alleys where thousands of prostitutes sold their bodies for as little as sixpence, portrayed the disgusting conditions of lower-class Victorian England. A scruffy man wearing an ebony cap was pacing the street, waving newspapers in the air. "READ ALL ABAHT IT, READ ALL ABAHT IT! THE RIPPER STRIKES AGAIN!" The streets were conspicuously unclean, piles of accumulated grime and filth carpeted the stone flags. The smell repugnant in places, the air riddled with vile stench of the degenerate slums. Sharp stabbing pains exuded from my stomach. I once again scrutinized the dreary street and acknowledged an old baker's wife selling bread loaves from a basket. She looked around fifty-five but was feasibly much older; her face lined with wrinkles and her straggled, dirty hair was pushed into a bedraggled knot. Her clothes were equally as dirty, with smudges of flour splattered across her frayed unflattering apron just about obscuring her bulging belly. As I contemplated the many people gathered round her, my hunger spurred impulsiveness. ...read more.


My timing had to be implicit, one second too fast or one second too slow and I could get caught out. Faster than a hare I silently slithered up behind him, plucking the package from his resilient pocket. He whirled around to confront me, his face stricken with anger and contempt. This anger quickly resided and was substituted by an animated look of fear, which almost made me break out in hysterical laughter. I mustered most of my strength and swung my fist accurately into the brim of his nose. He swayed for a moment, his eyes bulging with shock, before he heavily tumbled to the ground, his back colliding with the pavement echoing a loud thump. I glanced around the deserted street, back to the house he had just deserted. When I was satisfied nobody had witnessed my wicked crime, I stripped him of his exquisite waistcoat and emptied his pockets of the few pence that clung into the material of his leather purse, that was concealed in his fine, black trousers. I continued on my way humming softly to myself. I fingered the soft lining of the waistcoat; still warm from the previous body it rested upon. I then discarded my ragged shirt in the gutter and donned the garment. It fitted perfectly and felt like heaven against my rough skin. ...read more.


See ya Marge love." "Yer, Bye Mary, you take care love." Marge replied, wrapping her shawl round her tighter and making the short walk to the alleyway that bore her modest home. Two minutes later Marjory's screams were said to be heard more than two streets away as she discovered a fifth ripper victim lying metres from the entrance to her back-yard. Commentary The basis for my story is Jack the Ripper, set in the Victorian Era and in the genre of crime. I decided to use Jack the Ripper as a prominent figure in my story because I have always been interested in the notorious killer and the fact that to this day, his identity is still unknown. Several detectives have had their own opinions as to whom the murderer was, but there is either not enough evidence to collaborate their theory, or their theory has been proved false. I decided to write from his point-of-view, speculating myself, why and who it was that carried out the infamous murders. To determine that my story had a certain degree of accuracy; I read twenty pages of research about the Whitechapel murders, noting that the murderer must have been well educated and was indefinitely a doctor, as he disembowelled his victims competently. Another influence for setting my story in the Victorian Era, was "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde", I enjoyed reading this, and liked the idea of basing my story in the same period, and about a villain (like Mr Hyde). ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Robert Louis Stevenson section.

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