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English Creative Writing

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The Waiting Room I didn't know where I was. I didn't want to open my eyes and I wasn't going to. I was soaking wet, lying in a puddle, the smell of dead people burnt my nostrils. I could hear footsteps. "When shall we take a newbie?" Said a man whose voice prickled the hairs on the back of my neck "Let him be" A soothing voice said. "When he wakes up we'll sort him out." I was drenched in frozen water, my skin tight and frost bitten. "QUIET!" shouted the demonic voice. I jumped up thinking he was talking to me but I realised he was talking to someone else. There were more than two of them. One of the men was howling strangely to the long line of people. "I'll meet you hear later......if I don't have too much fun" cackled one of the men. "You should leave them alone" said the man with a soothing voice. "PUT HIM IN THE LIST....AND THESE LOT ASWELL" bellowed the angry man. I tried to open my eyes but I was dying with fear. I was going to try again. I started counting in my head. ...read more.


This is when I realised I made a mistake. I followed Bruce and ran. That night I couldn't sleep. All I could think about was I took someone's life away. I couldn't sleep so I sneaked out and back to the old mans house. There were policemen everywhere in the area. I went to his house and there were even more policemen. "Can I help you young mad" said a policeman who was walking past. "No. I just came out for a walk." I said softly. "Do you mind me asking what happened here" I said nervously. "Poor man got stabbed. Possibly by two youths....One of them was Bruce Wayne, the other is still unidentified" said the policeman looking upset. "Bruce Wayne.....he didn't do anything.......I'm the one who stabbed him........I didn't mean to.......I regret everything" I bursted out crying. "Your under arrest for the murder of Kevin Little. Whatever you say may harm your defence". Said the policeman. His voice had changed rough. I was still weeping at this point. A few weeks later I was in a cell waiting for my hearing. I couldn't move. I could feel every nerve in body tense...I wanted to break free. ...read more.


I started getting more confident and I thought I had a chance to get into heaven. "I'm pleading god to give him a chance and let him go to heaven" said the angel. "I rest my case" he said quietly. 30 minutes later and no one had made a move. I didn't no what was going to happen to me. All I could do was pray that I get into heaven. I needed it. A note came flying down. The devil went and got it. "GOD had made his choice" shouted the devil with excitement. "This fool killed and innocent man, therefore he will be joining us in hell" shouted the devil. "NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I screamed. Two devils grabbed me. I tried to fight them. I couldn't go to hell. I fought with all my power not to go to hell. They were dragging me. Another opened the door. They were going to throw me in and kill me. "Please.. don't make me go" I cried. "Push him hared lads" shouted the devil. BANG! They threw a 44 year old man into hell so he can get tortured and punished for ever. Always he will suffer for the crimes that he'd committed. Forever he will repent, thinking it could get him out of hell but once you've entered you may never get out. ?? ?? ?? ?? Haaris Tariq ...read more.

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