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English Description - Nattie - A Day In Life

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Nattie: A Day in the Life It's dark and quiet. Almost quarter till 5 am. I am stretched out on a soft, warm bed between three other lumps of mass. I kick to reclaim the space I lost during the night. Soon I will jump to the buzzes of the alarm. I wait patiently for the moments to pass by, until Fran stirs from her slumber. Then, she'll shower me with the attention I deserve. It's almost time. Now! The awful sounds radiate from the fluorescent red numbers. Finally, Fran puts her ten toes onto the gray carpet. My long time companion and cohort, Black Dog, still lies motionless on his back. His paws jut into the darkness above the bed, while he squints to block out the light shining through the door from the hallway. ...read more.


I turn around to see that Black Dog has followed me. Fran hooks a long leash to him. He can't be trusted. I am his superior, and as such, I run freely through the wet grass under the black sky. I love the early morning hours. The trees make no sound. The air is cool and crisp. It allows tiny voices to be heard. I perk my ears. Watching. Waiting. I notice that Black Dog has turned the corner of the house, and trotted out of sight. Then, I catch the break I've been waiting for. I can see my nemesis. P. Cottontail. Our eyes meet, then he darts for the fence. Before I know it, my paws slide onto his original platform. But, he's gone. Another failed attempt. I'm hopeful yet. His days of torture and mocking are numbered. ...read more.


Black Dog jumps eagerly onto the blue bed. The tall girl, Jody, leaves her room to shower. I start to feel tired. I know what comes next. Fran leaves. She's gone off for the day. I run downstairs as the garage door opens to watch out the window. My perch lets me see taillights float out the driveway. Now I wait. My day is filled with snacks, strategy meetings with Black Dog, and room checks to keep guard over all parts of the house. Later, after hours and hours and hours of waiting on the stairs, I hear the first rattle of gravel. I raise my head to look down from my perch, about halfway up the steps, so I can see out the front door. False alarm. It's the tall girl. She's nice but not the real prize. I'll bide my time in her company until Fran comes home. Now back to waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. ...read more.

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