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English Description - We walk on one side of the pavement, with the tour guide leading the way and holding up a small red flag.

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´╗┐English Paper 3 ? Question 3a ________________ ________________ 25.3.12 ?Mind your step and follow me,? the tour guide says monotonously.As I step out into the sunlight, a warm summer breeze greets me, sending my mass of frizzy hair flying in all directions. I hastily try to gather the wild locks, but realise I am too late just as a fellow tourist next to me spits out a strand of my hair in disgust. She glares at me with blazing, narrowing eyes. I smile at her sheepishly and I skip ahead to avoid further humiliation. It is a gorgeous afternoon on the island ? the sky is a periwinkle blue and is covered with cotton candy clouds. The sun shines proudly, beaming its radiant rays upon us. Soon, I feel perspiration on my forehead and mentally kick myself for having worn jeans on a day like this. ...read more.


I inhale the salty scent of the sea from the blowing wind. In that refreshing instant, I forget I am wearing jeans, so I sprint to catch up with the tour guide. ?Excuse me,? I ask politely. ?May I know where you?re taking us?? The tour guide continues to walk on, her heels grating the surface of the pavement. Without meeting my gaze, she says in a barely audible tone, ?The Main Square?. I attempt to ask her a few questions about the island, but each query is answered with curt responses, so I eventually give up. We zigzag across streets, turning left and right. Each turn leads us to a road not unlike previous ones, all lined with uniform, dull buildings. I am slightly crestfallen, as I had expected many more decorative buildings and attractions. After a five-minute trek up a shallow slope lined with orange trees and ornate rose bushes, we reach the Main Square. ...read more.


Some speed across the Square, cell phone in hand, glancing at their wrists every other second. Some wander around, stopping here and there with no definite destination. Suddenly, I pity them, as they are in too much of a trance to appreciate the beautiful weather. As a result of my insatiable curiosity, I stop a middle-aged man who seems to be taking his time compared to the other people. ?Excuse me, sir,? I begin, with the hope of receiving a satisfying answer. The man stops in his tracks and adjusts his glasses. He gazes at me blankly, barely registering my presence. ?Is there a special event going on?? I gesture to the masses of suited men and women swarming past us. The man cocks his head to one side, then shakes his head continuously, as if trying to erase some distasteful memory from his mind. He walks off with his eyebrows knit together. ?Twenty-first century people,? he mutters with bitter contempt, still shaking his head. ?So ignorant and full of pride.? ...read more.

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