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English descriptive writing

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English Coursework-My first day at school At a snail's pace, I stumble towards the door as my heart beats faster and faster beneath my chest. My stomach rumbles as it churns and squeezes the cereal I had for breakfast. As I draw closer the chattering of the boisterous student's rings in my ears and the bland relish of the strong mint gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. Beads of sweat trickle down my forehead and I can feel my cheeks flush deep shades of scarlet. I twiddle my fingers anxiously and a sense of anxiety fills me with perpetual agitation. I am a few metres away from the door and I begin to walk even more sluggishly, counting the steps as I move on. My legs begin to feel paralyzed as they begin to move slower and I gradually reach the door. As I edge near the door, the monotonous sign labelled 7A patterned with flowery designs on both sides caught my eye. I glance towards the sign and observantly, I notice the miniature pictures surrounding it. ...read more.


I follow her back to the classroom-a metre away from where I am standing. She walks ahead of me with her head down as if she's embarrassed of me and a feeling of nervousness begins to make me feel somewhat unconfident. I enter the classroom and the rowdy students all turn their glances and attention towards me quickly hiding their phones underneath their desks (some were sitting ON the desks so they were finding difficulty in hiding it away). Their strange stares begin to bring out an uncomfortable, unusual feeling within me and the blood gushing back and forth in my body reddens the pale, pallid shade of my face. I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and my body rigidifies. The feeling of frustration suddenly arouses in me- how can one feel comfortable in a catastrophic classroom like this? First Day at school-Teachers perspective Lost in my thoughts, I stand alone in front of the disobedient students as they chatter casually among themselves. ...read more.


Her polo t-shirt was snowy white and neatly tucked underneath her skirt. She gradually stops walking and stands centimetres away from me eyeing my dress code up and down as I examine her. She follows me as I swiftly walk inside the classroom not bothering to introduce her and I perch on the computer chair in hope that she'll introduce herself to my noisy class. The class goes silent. As soon as they see her they hush themselves and sit straight with their phones hidden inside their pockets. In my 10 years of teaching I feel an honoured, triumphant sensation as I have never seen my class quieter than now. She stands in the hallway looking around as if she's never seem a classroom before whilst I enjoy the pin-drop silence. She stays standing solid as a brick so the student in front of her pulls out a chair from underneath the table and indicates her seat. She shyly takes her seat modestly looking down with nervousness. She'll change her tune in no time she'll become as moronic as the others I thought to myself. Such a perfect student if only she knew how troublesome my class is. If only she knew what I knew. ...read more.

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