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english descriptive writing autobiography

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Original Writing Autobiography Now youre probably thinking that i would have been a cocky little nine year old that flicks paper around, said smart comments and would do anything to get a day of school, if you are then most would say you were right. But one fathers day a few days off school came round in a way in which i didnt expect. It was a mild day, sunday to be precise. Everyone had been playin a climbing game over the past few weeks, i had the title for the best cimber so far and the new obstacle was the old garage roof. To impress my peers i rose to the challenge. "you cant do it Luke, not even Jemals dad can do it, remember". And there i was climbing up the old dirty lampost that had bent away as consequence to years of strain; the pole was greased in anti-climb paint, and just as i began to slip down i took a breathtaking leap and lached onto the edge of the roof. ...read more.


Everyone gasped. I griped onto the edge, but the momentom was too strong. My fingers slipped, and i plummetted to the pavement. SMACK! ____One of the girls screamed. As i hit the floor for some strange reason i had de'javu. Ive had a few accidents as a child but none as bad as that. After about 5 seconds i got up, put my head into my hands thinking the pain would go away. But it didnt and anyone who tried to help i snaped at. After a minute or two i realised i needed to go home, so as i took my hands away from my face they were warm. I opened my eyes and my hands were coated in blood. Once my friends had realised i had calmed down they rushed to my aid. They picked me up and i thought i just hsd a nose bleed untill i heard a voice behind me "look at his arm" The voice was spoken in shock which urged me to turn and look at my arm. ...read more.


I shuffled gently with a groan to the edge of my seat, licked my lips and extended my arm."NO", i was interupted with a dig in the back and a sharp slap on the shoulder."but why" i pleaded, and then the soft voice of Mrs Jenkins "luke sweetheart if you eat anythin you are most likely to throw it up". After a few minutes my head began to sweat and my eyes were roling back into my head. The room began to spin like a roundabout and short sharp powerfull jerks helped to keep my concussed brain awake. Her soft sweet voice turned to a growl, she hoisted my limp body to an upright position and told me we had to go. Would you believe it, with the condition i was in i had to get a cab to the hospital. A few days later i came out with a broke arm, a fractured skull, a good couple of weeks off school which was thw best part and definately worth the pain. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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