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English Descriptive Writing - ' The Accident '

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The 'Accident' Alex's eyes opened slowly and began to take in his surroundings in the dimness of the early morning light. Everything looked so familiar- the desk littered with stacks of C D's, the threadbare rug and the Lloyd Banks poster, slightly torn tacked onto the dull wall. Alex thought to himself about the extremely pointless dare that he had agreed upon last night, he felt that he was just trying to impress his worthless friends, but he had accepted that he would spend a night in a shabby, broken down and desolate house. Alex languidly dragged himself out of the warm bed, put on some clothes and felt the need to take a walk. He stepped out onto an empty street in London. It was typical British weather, cloudy and windy, but Alex set off on a fast paced walk. He wondered whether an abandoned house could be haunted, Alex did not believe in ghosts but pondered over that thought. He walked through the park across the road from his reasonably big flat in the suburbs of west London, the wind was blowing the trees from side to side. ...read more.


Alex noticed that it was an old Victorian house, with a very gloomy, ominous and dreary feel to the house. Alex now felt like running away, but he did not want to show that he was scared to his friends. 'Well, well, you actually turned up; I'm surprised you did..... You know what you have to do, go in the haunted house and spend one whole night in the house, and you might need this', John laughed and handed him a torch. 'This will be so easy.... See you all tomorrow morning, and you better have your �20 waiting for me', exclaimed Alex nervously. Tom, Luke and John were waiting for Alex to enter the house. Alex cursed under his breath; he regrets ever telling anyone that he was not afraid of ghosts. Alex entered the desolate house, he was now felling extremely scared. A flicker of light illuminated the hall way, followed by an uproar of thunder. Alex thought that he would never be able to sleep in this house, so he thought that he would just wonder around and see what it's like in an abandoned, ominous house. ...read more.


Although he was terrified he began ascending the spiralling staircase engulfed in darkness, each step creaked and cracked under Alex's weight, he stumbled over a step and fell but held onto the banister, as the staircase came to an end Alex had reached the top floor, it was complete darkness around the corridor, Alex turned on the torch that John had given him, he thought that this was the only useful item John had ever given him. As Alex walked slowly forward, the now slightly illuminated hallway, he saw another moving shadow he felt the air around him suddenly move, and the shadow darted into the room adjacent to were Alex was standing, Alex felt terrified and vulnerable, but very cautiously Alex moved closer and closer to the room. Alex entered the dark room, the next thing he saw was two sharp knives in front of his eyes, Alex let out a loud deafening scream, blood poured out of the room, a thud was all that anybody ever heard...... ...read more.

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