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English Descriptive Writing

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English Descriptive Writing I'm walking down the narrow, gloomy corridor, anxiously wanting to get to room. The corridor pitch black, nothing to see but I can feel myself breathing in a gulp of air. I breathed out hearing myself. I'm sweating. My eyes squint; trying to look beyond the darkness in the corridor to find my room. I walked slowly, taking every caution. I suddenly quickened my pace feeling an intimidated by the noise around me. I'm scared. As I walked faster the floor creaked under my flip-flops. Scanning the rough wall with my hands, I caught a handle in my sweating palm. I held the handle tight in my hand, but then let go. Trying to persuade myself it was my room. The door suddenly creaked open making a screeching sound across the floor. I took a deep breath. I put my hand of the door and pushed it open, hearing a long bang against the back wall. The room was dark. I didn't understand. The room felt opened spaced felt like there was no furniture in there. I started to scan my rough fingers through the smooth wall and found what felt like the light switch. I pressed the switch slowly afraid of what I might see. ...read more.


Then we suddenly stopped. I buried my head into my mothers lap and I could feel her smooth hands brushing through my long, red hair. She knew I was scared. She held her hands tightly round my bony waist. I looked up slowly, but still holding my mum. I stared round trying to find the expression on my mothers face, but it was impossible. Then mirrors switched passed us making us look deformed and ghastly. I screamed till my lungs hurt. I felt the adrenaline rush through me. The mirrors just kept coming and coming. I had let go of my mums arm and covered my eyes my trembling hands. I could feel my mum's arms around my shoulders now, with her soft cheeks on the top of my head. The train went through a gloomy tunnel, the walls made out of chunks of old brick wall, in was never-ending. The sound of the train has it became faster was like an electric drill working on a concrete ground. I hated it. We got to the other side and I could see light shine through my finger and my mum releasing me gently. I let go of my face in my hands and ran of the train toward my dad. ...read more.


I smiled back full-hearted this time as I took the money. I got out the car and walked along the road pavement. The wind was intense and the sun shined a bit but with a fluffy cloud covering the side. I found a fish and chip place across the road. There weren't a lot of people on the road side. I walked with my head down. I looked at either side before I crossed. I was getting closer before I realized I could see light bouncing of a shiny surface. It couldn't be. I strolled down and in my horror there was a mirror a mirror in every shop. It was like my nightmare. I turned quickening my pace, with my head down. I ran some men were moving something heavy they turned it around and it was a mirror. I screeched scanning possible ways I can escape. I had no choice. I ran through the ancient mirror board, feeling triumphant. I felt my arms lifted high in victory. I walked backs onto the roads watch the shock and horror on peoples faces. Then, the motor bike, hit me. I felt the heavy weight wheels crush every rib I had in my body. My head crushed and making a blood pool, which I lid in. I could see the light flashing before my very eyes, clear pictures turning into a blur and then disappearing into thin air. The light has been switch off. I was there. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Argue, Persuade and Advise section.

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