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English Devised Play.

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English Devised Play Tara: So...who do you think told them it was us? Gabbie: How am I supposed to know? I don't even know why we're here. Tara: Oh come on Gabbie. Remember that girl named Sarah? Remember how she tried to swallow some pills and end her life? Remember... Gabbie: How is that our fault if the stupid girl can't even take a joke? She probably failed her GCSE's and couldn't take the shame. It's nothing to do with us. Tara: Will you shut up about the GCSE's? Gabbie: It just shows what strong character I have. I failed most of mine, so what? I can keep on living. She must be disturbed. (Both freeze) (Gabbie and Sarah are standing on opposite sides of the room, Gabbie frozen) Sarah: (Shouting to offstage) No! This is the only thing in this bloody house that's important to me. (pause) I don't care, he can do whatever the hell he wants to, but he's not seeing this. (slams imaginary door and locks it. Sits on the floor, freezes) (On the other side of the room) Gabbie: Yeah mum, it's from that pen pal I wrote to in Canada. (pause) I'm sure! God. Calm down. (Sarah unfreezes and they both walk to the middle of their own stage, opening their report cards. ...read more.


I told her those teachers weren't teaching me properly, but she never listened. Now she says it's my fault. My fault! Can you believe this? As if I was the one standing there in front of the class, saying these stupid theories in the most boring voice I can possibly find. Tara: What exactly did you get? Gabbie: Well, let's just say I didn't fail P.E. Tara: And the rest? Gabbie: You can guess. Oh and I had to throw out that new lipstick. Tara: Gabbie...what happened? You were so confident about it. Gabbie: I know, but after two days I realised that colour just didn't suit me. Tara: I'm talking about your grades. Gabbie: Oh. Well that's not my fault. That Chemistry teacher, she's just so boring. Tara: Yeah I know, I never actually got those notes about atomic structure... Gabbie: Can we cut the boring school talk? I don't actually want to become a historian, or a biologist, or a...Geographist. They're so useless. All the teachers think they know everything and try to hint to me that I need to improve my grades. As if I was dumb or something! Tara: As they say, there was once a blonde who tried to climb over a glass wall. ...read more.


No..oh, they're so pretty and...just so cool. I wish I could have friends like that. Nobody likes stupid Sarah. Gabbie: Yeah, I read in sugar, this season short hair is so in. Sarah: (touches her hair) How does she know how to do that? She just does everything right the first time, she doesn't even think about it. It's like being cool is a natural talent. That I don't have. (looks at Gabbie's clothes, then her own and sighs) Gabbie: The truth is, Sarah dear, that no matter what you do, you can't be me. Sarah: Well you know what? I don't want to be you anymore. You're the reason I almost gave my life up, and it was a stupid reason. I was completely deluded because while I was trying to be you, I stopped being me, and in the end I had nothing to show for it anyway! I failed my exams and I'm still not popular. I'm sick of all this, you, this school, everyone. But this time I'm not going to be so dumb and try to end my life, I'm just going to go make a new life away from you. Gabbie: Have a nice time. Tara: (Calls after her) Sarah...Gabbie, are you just going to let her go? Don't you want to apologise? Gabbie: Her whining stories actually got to you? You're even weaker than you look. Tara: Right, I am gonna... Principal: Gabrielle and Tara, please come into the office. ...read more.

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