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English dream to reality

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Dream -Reality 'I'd like to welcome y'all to the rap states battle where the best freestyles from everywhere around the world have come to compete against the best' the adrenaline rush paced his veins as the enormous, high pitched voice from the Rap Battle host announced the welcome. The crowd cheered as a shiver ran up his spine, this was the chance for Shorty to gain his respect as a known MC. Round one and up went the first contestant, up against one of the best, Nas, the challenger was practically chewed up and spat out. Now Shorty was getting weary, he began to see what would happen to him if he failed. 'Give it up for my main man Shorty!'It was now Shorty's turn, as he walked up to the stage the microphone was put to his mouth and the crowd in their thousands were shouting 'choke, choke, choke' at that same moment Shorty threw back the microphone in disgust, he had ruined it all, there was no chance of him becoming a known MC around the world. It was now the champs turn, after a few long agonising minutes, the crowd roared out with cheers Shorty had been put down like a dog. ...read more.


'Are you ready to die?', 'No, p-please gimme one mo chance' cried the tall shady man who was practically on his knobbly knees begging. 'I gave you many chances Crankbrook, you chose to blow them back in my face!' 'Shorty...Nooo!' standing coolly and calm, Shorty, in his ice white suit lit a cigar, seconds later he laid a long grubby finger on the trigger of his P90 Rugar, Cranbrook looked at the gun in disgust, a shot was fired, in a slow motion the 9mm bullet came out of the gun like a spitting snake and the surrounding went dead a split second after the gun shot a finger of lightening lashed out aimlessly in the dark night sky. Crankbrook who was now dying from lack of blood breathed his last breath a further eight ear splitting gun shots were fired simultaneously which drained away the screaming of Cranbrook. In a deep cold voice Shorty muttered his final words 'Whats mines is mines, what's yours is mines, sometimes people tend to forget that' the final gunshot was fired. The atmosphere of the scene died down and Shorty dropped down on his knees as his conscience came crawling back to him, Shorty, now the most respected thugs of LA, sat on the damp grass in disbelief to what he had just done. ...read more.


'I've found something, I've Found something,' shouted Neo. The specifications of the governments' computers showed that they had a total of 100 firewalls, this meant the the hacking team had to act quicker. 'Use Denial of System to hack into the main framework of the computers, I'll write a backdoor Trojan for remote access to the generic host' explained Shorty as he wiped his sweaty forehead with a hankerchief, who was working the hardest he had ever worked before. After a stressful three quarters of an hour of death defying hacking, the team finally got through the hundreds of security software that was holding the precious government documents. This was time for Shorty to shine, he began writing his backdoor Trojan after a realm of debugging and source code writing the Trojan was complete and it was time. The Trojan began to do its works. Success the intense moment broke into cheers of laughter, '98% of downloading content complete....' as the percent downloaded gradually increased the crew became more uptight, finally 100% complete. Shorty, Neo and Morpheus the first to ever hack into the White House stood staring amongst each other. 'Kid, you aiite?' asked a concerned stranger, Shorty starred ahead of him into the busy street and saw the reflection of the moon on the wet, damp road, 'I'm fine' he replied, and then continued to gaze into the night sky. ...read more.

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