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English - Edexcel - C/A - Write a blog for teenagers about using public transport - GCSE

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´╗┐Speech 1 Public transport ? is it worth it? ________________ You're wearing your clothes, all dressed up to watch the X-Factor finals with your friends. But your dad's car broke down, and your mum has plans. What are you going to do? Have you considered using public transport? It's cheap, easy and very quick, however it does have its down sides. Using public transport is very cheap and free for all ages 16 and under. Mayor of London, Boris Johnson agreed that he would "look at what we can do next year to bear down on fares". However if you lose your oyster card or are off by 20p you're forced to walk on your own two feet. So public transport isn't what it's cracked up to be. Using public transport teaches us to be more independent in terms of being capable as a person to navigate around networks and read maps as well as in terms of being able to get around without relying on your parents. ...read more.


On the other hand waiting for the bus or train is a death penalty; you never know who is sitting next to you. Practically in urban areas there can be problems with behaviour and conduct with other passengers as well as the driver. Getting the train to get from A to B is the quickest way as you're avoiding all traffic and congestion. Although getting on the tube is like visiting a hospital, with all the germs around who know what you could catch. Viruses spread through the air and also transfer via hand-to-hand contact. On public transportation, the transfer takes place when you touch a support bar or strap that a sick person held. You rub your itchy eye, you welcome the Swine Flu. The most popular method of public transport as researchers have found the 64% of 14 - 19 year olds use the bus to manoeuvre, because it's the least cost effective. ...read more.


As an experienced traveller i personally agree with Jama, using public transport is a piece of cake. So the next time you're ready to go out, but your dad's car broke down and your mum has plans, don't panic. Just grab your oyster card and hop on the nearest bus or train, but go with a sibling or arrange to meet up with a friend. Just in case, because public transport has the X-Factor. Evidence “I wouldn't use any other way, I have been using the bus to get to school, and haven't been late more than twice. It's very easy all i have to do is tap my oyster card and wait 'till my stop arrives. Using the train is similar, i top up my oyster card which costs around £1.40, depending on where i'm going and sit in my seat. And if i ever get lost i've always got the tube map to help me." – Sara Jama Amina Harrath ...read more.

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