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English essay

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A comparison of 'mid term break' by Shamus Hearney and 'do not go gentle into that good night' by Dylan Thomas' examining the different attitudes to death. The two poems being examined in this essay are 'mid term break' and 'do not go gentle'. Dylan Thomas was born in 1914. He had a 1st class degree in literature. Shamus Hearney was born in Ireland, 1939. He was the eldest of 9 children. He was the oxford professor of poetry. He is alive to the present day. Both of the poems relate to death although attitudes vary between the two poems. Mid term break describes the death of a younger brother affecting an older, but still relatively young child. It shows he is quite young in the ' I sat all morning in the college sick bay' This shows he is quite young as he is still in school/college. ...read more.


The quote 'Coughed up tearless sighs' Shows that the boy is in a state of shock and is almost emotionless. The language is soft and sad. It makes the reader feel pity for the boy. The language in do not go gentle is strong, powerful, fierce language whereas in mid term break the language is soft and gentle. The quote 'Rage, rage against the dying of the light' This shows that the language in do not go gentle is strong and that he is fighting against death. The writing style in mid term break comes across as more of a story than a poem. It uses quite informal language and vocabulary. Although it is set out in verses, the poem has no particular rhyme scheme, making the poem flow from start to finish. On the other hand the poem do not go gentle is a very strict villanelle styled poem. ...read more.


A good use of a simile in do not go gentle is 'Blaze like meteors' This gives the effect that the person is comparing his fathers death to enormous events like meteors. This is to show that his father's death is at the centre of his personal universe. My conclusion is that mid term break is quite informal and quite self-explanatory. It has a good use of similes and repetition, although with no rhyme scheme it flows more like a story than a poem. Do not go gentle is a strict villanelle formatted poem. It has a good use of repetition at the end of every stanza. In my opinion do not go gentle is the better poem because it leaves more for the imagination. It also uses a good technique of placing the reader in situations from the reader's memory e.g. a loved one passing away. This makes the poem more personal and allows the reader to interoperate the poem in different and unique ways ...read more.

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