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Comparison of, "to his coy mistress" by Andrew Marvel and "the passionate Sheppard to his love" by Christopher Marlowe. Andrew Marvel was born in 1621 in Yorkshire. He was a metaphysical poet. He was a priest and he spoke Latin and Greek. He died in 1678. His work was posthumously published. Chris Marlowe was born in 1564 in Canterbury. There were many rumours and much controversy that he was a spy. He died in 1593 at the young age of 29. An agent presumably killed him. He was stabbed in the eye at a tavern in Deptford. Coincidentally, both poets were educated at Cambridge and both were accused of being homosexual. The titles of the poems set the tone in "to his coy mistress". The words coy mistress show that there is false emotion involved in him trying to win the love of his mistress. ...read more.


One good use of metaphysical poetry in "the passionate Sheppard" is the quote "Melodious birds sing madrigals" This emphasises how beautiful the birds singing really is. Imagery is a very effective device used to portray the eagerness of sexual intercourse and also the idyllic life in the country. In "to his coy mistress" the quote "Like am'rous birds of prey" is used to give the imagery of them eating each other, whereas in "the passionate Sheppard" the quote "That hills and valleys, dale and field" shows imagery of an idyllic life in the countryside. The two poems contrast because of the perfect life shown in "the passionate Sheppard" to the sexual nature, content and imagery in "to his coy mistress". One interesting thing about the poems is the fact that there was speculation that the poets were both homosexual. ...read more.


Another way he expresses his love is by saying he will love her until: - "The conversion of the Jews". This religious context shows how much he loves her because the Jews would never convert to Christianity. In the poem "to his coy mistress", there is no religious content or Biblical references. Christopher Marlowe shows his love in a more materialistic way. He talks about giving her "silver dishes" and "the purest gold" The poetic language in "to his coy mistress" is of a very sexual nature. He keeps referring to her body e.g. " And on her forehead gaze, and two hundred to adore each breast". This shows that he seems not to care about her but only wants her for her body, where as in "the passionate Sheppard" he seems to be obsessed with her appearance and material items. I conclude that "to his coy mistress" is a far more realistic view on real life and persuading of the opposite sex. ...read more.

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